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Inside Plan To Merge Jubilee, ODM & Kanu Into One Party.



Inside plan to merge Jubilee, ODM and Kanu

There is a silent political game going on In Kenya despite the current world situation following the spread of Corona virus. Kenyans thought that the pandemic disease stopped the Building Bridges Initiative reggae, but is seems the reggae tune is on silently.

There has been a secret plan from the top Building Bridges Initiative supporters to merge three political parties into one party. The parties includes Jubilee, Orange Democratic Movement and Kanu.

According to Francis Atwoli, this plan is unstoppable. It seems all the other parties except Jubilee are ready for this. The reason as to why Jubilee is not ready is because there is division within the party officials.

There has been a report that Jubilee party secretary general Raphael Tuju had forwarded a letter to the registrar of parties seeking to change some party officials. Is this the latest weapon to break jubilee party?

Deputy William Ruto and almost all the jubilee members allied to him wrote to the registrar of parties claiming that what was proposal by Tuju was illegal changes. He added that the president who is jubilee party leader can not be part of such.

Tuju has since responded to this saying that he acted following the orders from the party leader.

For long now, there has been a silent game of division within the ruling party, Jubilee. It did not take long after the 2017 general election before the party members were divided into two groups.

Kieleweke which is a group of party members allied to president Uhuru Kenyatta and Tangatanga group allied to deputy president William Ruto.

The division started way back before but it gained momentum when president Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga decided to work together through handshake.

This is the time when almost all ODM members came out to team up with Jubilee Kieleweke team.

After the handshake, deputy president William Ruto claimed that former prime minister Raila Odinga had a plan to break Jubilee party. It seems Raila Odinga has already or he is about to succeed with the said said plan if at all that was his main plan.

After the handshake, president Uhuru Kenyatta abd former prime minister Raila Odinga decided to come up with a plan to unite all Kenyans through Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

According to top supporters of Building Bridges Initiative, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga decided to unite Kenyans by creating an inclusive government. Inclusive in a way that more political seats be created so that all the tribes in Kenya get at least a chance.

It is alleged that the top seats will revolve around Jubilee lead by Uhuru, ODM led by Raila and Kanu led by Gideon Moi. Remember all this party leaders supports BBI.

Tangatanga team led by William Ruto came out to oppose the Building Bridges Initiative plan. They claimed that Kenyans do not want more positions but service delivery from the already elected leaders.

This is when it came out clear that deputy president William Ruto and his team were against the Building Bridges Initiative. Later on they made unexpected decision and decided to support Building Bridges Initiative under some conditions.

According to some Jubilee leaders, the main Building Bridges Initiative was to frustrate deputy president William Ruto. This is because the top Building Bridges Initiative officials did not appreciate the fact that deputy president has accepted to join then and instead continued to includes him and his team in their program.

So it seems the plan to merge the three parties is active. The only thing blocking this plan is Jubilee party.

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