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Stacey Bomet Announces Her Marriage Plans.



Stacey Bomet announces her marriage plans

Former Bomet county senatorial aspirant, Stacey Chepkemoi has always been under pressure from some of the Bomet county residence about her marital status. According to some of this Bomet residence, someone who is not married is not suppose to lead.

This is also what most of the Kalenjin tribes believes in. Unmarried people have no chance to lead a group that includes married people.

Stacey Chepkemoi who comes from Sotik constituency became famous when she was elected to lead youths in Bomet county during Issac Ruto’s regime.

During the 2007 campaigns, Stacey took a bold decision to run for senatorial position under Jubilee party but she lost to Current Bomet Senator Hon Christopher Langat during party nominations.

Most people including even Stacey herself believes that she lost because of her marital status. This was a major challenge to her whenever she address crowd as some could shout to her to go get married first.

Stacey has therefore comes out to announce that she will get married when the right time comes and that this will not pause her decision to run for public office. She believes that marital status is not a yardstick to success.

She defended her decision saying that many married individuals were elected into the offices but Kenyans are still complaining because they are incompetent. She say that getting married is her own decision.

She added that she will not get married because of public influence because her vision and ambitions is not defined by who she will marry her but her knowledge and wisdom she gathered in line with her vision for the people of Bomet county.

Stacey questioned how people failed to acknowledge her three degrees certificate but they were sharp to point out her marital status.

She asked people of Bomet county to avoid subjective debates that concentrate on personal decision and life style. She says people should judge her fairly adding that Marriage and relationships are not forced but they are nurtured and built in consent.

Stacey has been consistent on her plan to vie for the position of senator in Bomet county. She never gave up when she lost. She has always been asking people to remember her when that time comes.

This time she is positive that she will win. This is possible because she has been supportive to the community despite the fact that she lost and the attacks she comes across from her few opponents.

Most of the people who supports her for senatorial position said that they need leadership and not husbands. Adding that her kids or her husband would’t matter. Remember there are politicians out there we just know they are married but we have never saw their spouses. A good example is the the late Bomet county governor, Joyce Laboso. One one knew her husband until she passed on.

According to my research, most people especially from Kalenjin side believes that if you are not married you do not know the exact pain of life. Therefore you do not understand the challenges that parents go through.

One woman who refused her name be mentioned said that she opposes Stacey’s decision to run for any public office saying that someone will never know the importance of building maternity hospital unless she has ever given birth.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rutoh B. C

    April 26, 2020 at 1:53 am

    Those talking of marriage and leadership are still operating in the old school of thought and need to be civilized. By the look of things Stacey has something fir the people of Bomet,,, Go go

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