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Babu Owino Unique Means Against Covid-19 In Embakasi East.



Babu Owino Unique Means Against Covid-19 In Embakasi East.

Corona virus is real. Most leaders in the country including Hon Babu Owino are using different means to ensure that they themselves and the people they lead are safe from infections.

We have seen very many leaders starting from Members of county assembly, members of nation assembly, senators, governors and even national government distributing various items. A good example is the Mombasa county county governor, Ali Hassan Joho. He has done a lot, click here for more information about what he has done.

Embakasi east member of parliament, Hon Babu Owino was not left behind. But it seems Babu Owino is using a different style. From the mask he is using to to protect himself to what he distribute to his constituency.

According to him, the world now is living in a special situation that needs special attention and actions. And these attentions and and action determines the future.

He has promised not to let his people to suffer under the current situation as he watch. For those who knows Babu Owino well he has been a very active member of parliament. He calls himself a man of actions.

The most important thing that he has distributed to the less fortunate people in his constituency is mattresses and beddings. According to Hon Babu Owino, this will help in maintaining social distancing at homes.

It is a reality that in some homes, children or kids sleeps on the floor or they share one bed. So Babu Owino’s free mattrasses will help a lot in such families.

The current situation has also made many people in the society jobless. This is because most of the companies have either closed or reduced employees to reduce congestion in the work place following government directive. The nature of some jobs makes it’s impossible to work from home.

Hon Babu Owino being a person who was raised in the slums of Nyalenda. This is why he knows what it looks like to sleep hungry and suffer.

Below are items Babu Owino has distributed.

  • Bales of unga to the doorsteps of his constituency home to make sure that they do not go hungry during this hard times.
  • Bottle of cooking oil to every home.
  • Packets of rice.
  • 10,000 liter water tanks to various parts of his constituency so that his people can get free cooking water and also enable them maitain good hygiene.
  • Hand sanitizer to all Embakasi East residence to ensure proper hygiene to reduce transmission of corona virus.

Hon Babu Owino has always been a funny character since his was the student leader in the university of Nairobi. He is know to be courageous in politics and at the same times understanding to his people.

He has supported many people in the society to go back to school. Just few months ago, he sponsored the security guard back to university.

The only thing that almost spoiled for Babu Owino is the case involving him and the DJ Evolve. Many people especially from his constituency and the country at large were shocked. Because they did not expect such a thing from Hon Babu Owino.

Many people in the society believes that Babu Owino is doing all this to clean his name.

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