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Joho Political Star Continue To Shine On Fight Against Covid-19



Joho Political Star Continue To Shine On Fight Against Covid-19

For the last few months, Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho has been the talk of the town and he has been trending online. This time time around Ali Hassan Joho is trending in a positive way.

Sometimes back before corona virus, Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho used to be trolled online for his high school grades. Those who used to troll him used to claims that Joho was not qualified for the position of a governor.

Ali Hassan Joho one day responded to the critics that when it comes to leadership, wisdom functions more than knowledge. And that his D grade was not a major factor during service delivery.

Governor Ali Hassan Joho is now proving his words. He is the most active governor in the country in the fight against corona virus. It is true that good leaders can be identified during the time of a crisis. This corona virus is exposing the real leaders from the others.

Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho has been named as the most prepared leader to fight corona virus and to protect people under him both from the disease and hunger.

He has done a lot to ensure that their is less infection of the disease in the county of Mombasa. Joho has installed automatic disinfection booths in various parts of the county like, Ferry, Kongowea market and even at famous Nyali bridge. He also rolled out a program to disinfect some part of Mombasa city at night. This is a recommendable job that will help a lot to reduce the spread of corona virus.

Apart from disinfection, Mombasa governor has started a program of distributing face mask to the residence of Mombasa county. Some few days his team was seen distributing this faced mask to the ferry users.

To ensure that the vulnerable residence of Mombasa county are safe during this hard time, hes has rolled out a program that will see the vulnerable residence receive relief from the county under the emergency household relief and nutrition project.

Through this emergency household relief and nutrition project, Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho requested the well-wishers to donate food stuffs to aid in the fight against corona virus.

The project is already successful having many well people donates a lot of food stuffs. Among those who have donated towards this project include; Inspector General Of Police Mr Hillary Mutyambai Who donated 400 bales of flour.

Today Thursday, 16th of April 2020, Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho received donations from Suleiman Shahbal’s, Gulf African Bank that donate bales of flour and many other well-wishers who also donated food stuffs. Machele foundation also came in.

This are some of the reasons why the name Ali Hassan Joho is the talk of the town. Many Kenyans now admire his leadership skills following the way he is putting his people as the first priority.

This is the time when citizens expect actions to speak more than words they have been listening in the political rallies. Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho should be a lesson to many Kenyans out there on what to consider when electing your leaders.

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