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Summary Of President Uhuru’s Speech On Covid-19.



Summary of president Uhuru's speech on Covid-19

Here is the summary of president Uhuru’s speech. Today Thursday, 16th of April, president Uhuru Kenyatta address the nation concerning corona virus. A virus which has bee in the country for a period of one month and 3 days.

Bellow is the summary of president Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech;

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta announces that 9 more people have tested positive for corona virus and now the total number of people who have tested positive in Kenya stands at 234. The age range is from 2 years to 69 years.
  • A total Number of 53 people have recovered from the disease and have been discharged while a total of 11 people have lost their life because of the virus.
  • The measures that was put in place like curfew and locking movements from counties of Mombasa, Kilifi, Kwale and Nairobi is helping a lot to slow down the number of reported corona virus case.
  • The tasting ability has gone up since the ministry of health have received testing reagents which will assist to test more people at a specific time.
  • The government is working towards formulating Kenya’s post corona virus recovery plan.
  • The government have released Ksh 8.5 billion to support elderly and vulnerable Kenyans through cash transfer program. Also they have released ksh 500 million arrears for people with disabilities.
  • They have started a program to support needy households in Nairobi through weekly covid-19 support stipend.
  • The government of Kenya is in a discussion with the countries with the largest economies on the issue of debt suspension for a certain period so as to allow other countries to spend more on combating and economic recovery.
  • The president direct that the county governments receive 3 months waiver from the KEMSA for the purchase of face mask and PPEs.
  • Uhuru also noted that he is happy that in a short time, the Kenya covid-19 emergency response fund has been in place. And they are on their way towards realizing contribution amounting to 1 billion.
  • He also applaud the work currently being undertaken by the council of governors and they have agreed that governors will work with county commissioners.
  • Uhuru also noted that to ensure donations are distributed in a safe way, the government have has directed that all the distribution be coordinated by Kenya Covid-19 emergency response fund together with relevant security agencies.
  • The president also salute the law enforcement officers for their work. But at the same time he warned that any police officer found harming Kenyans during curfew hours or during any other time will be met by the full force of the law.
  • The president direct the ministry of health and public service to develop a welfare package to cushion front-line health workers.
  • He also directs the ministry of education to take serious steps to protect students from negative impacts of measures taken against corona virus.

Some Kenyans have so far expressed their dissatisfaction online concerning president Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech. They claim that the president is always escaping the rent issue dispute the fact that rent is the main challenge to many Kenyans during this hard time.

There are some number of good landlords out there who have asked their tenants not to worry about rent payment during this time. Many Kenyans online are requesting other Landlords to do the same because they seems to be the only ones to save Kenyans on rent issue since the governments seems not to care about that.

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