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Bahati Officially Shut Down EMB Records.



Bahati officially shout down EMB Records.

Kenyan famous gospel artist, Kevin Bahati has done something that nobody expected him to do. Through his youtube channel, he officially announced that he has made the toughest decision to shut down Eastlando Most Beloved (EMB) Records.

He made it clear that, he is therefore terminating all the contracts with the artists who were under EMB. The artist Include Deno, weezdom and other upcoming artists. According to Bahati, his enemies could not allow him to assist artists like Deno who needed help the most.

While releasing the news to his fans and everybody else, Bahati stated that he decided to close EMB because he was not making any money from it. Instead he said that, what he expected from the EMB turns out to be hate.

He started that some of the artist he signed have been collaborating with his enemies to frustrate him and to bring him down. Bahati added that it is sad that those who have been fighting his success are his fellow gospel artist and that most of the negative stories written about him are funded by them.

Bahati gave an example of Peter Blessing. He said that he brought him from nowhere and nobody knew him, he made him an artist. But he claims he was later cheated by some gospel artist to turn against Bahati.

Peter Blessing has his name under EMB. He could not sing or post any song on youtube until he terminates his contract. Bahati did not make it clear whether he is also going to terminate his contract or not. He had earlier stated that he will not terminate until Peter Blessing return him Ksh 2 million.

According to Bahati, the fake stories funded by his fellow gospel artists made her wife, Diana to hit millions of followers online more than even the said artists. He made clear that his fight is not in Kenya music industry but specifically gospel music industry.

‘Fathers do not fight sons’. This are the words bahati used to give reason why he has never came out to fight with the artists he supported but later turn against him.

For a long time now, EMB, has been trending for wrong reasons. Starting from weezdom story, Mr seed issue and J blessing. Many people say that EMB management changed since Diana came in.

The latest attack to was from Willy Paul. He trolled Bahati saying that he no longer knows how to sing. Willy Paul asked Diana to artist Bahati who was losing vocals.

According to Bahati, the main reason why he decided to start EMB Records in 2015 was not to make money but to support young upcoming artists.

Bahati started EMB Records label in 2015, which is four years ago. This is after he did his hit song ‘Mama’ in 2013. This is the song that made Bahati

Bahati ended by telling his enemies that God is fighting for him. And that closing EMB does not mean it is the end of life for Bahati. He stated that he will still live and sing.

This happens day after Mulamwa quit comedy because the attacks online were too much that he could not handle anymore. This Mulamwa and Bahati cases means that comedians and artists are going through a lot.

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