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Why DP Ruto Can’t Face Uhuru Over Jubilee Party.



Why DP William Ruto can not face Uhuru over Jubilee party

Why DP Willima Ruto has no courage to face president Uhuru direct over the current state of Jubilee party? How did they form the party? What was the agreements?

What is happening in Jubilee party?

A lot as been happening in Jubilee party. There is a lot of divisions in the party. Jubilee has two branches. Team kieleweke which is allied to president Uhuru Kenyatta and Team Tangatanga, a group allied to deputy president William Ruto.

The two groups are not in agreement. The question that comes out here is, are the bosses reading from the same script?. The bosses i am talking about are president Uhuru Kenyatta who is the Jubilee party leader and the deputy president William Ruto who is the Jubilee deputy party leader. The answer seems to be NO.

How did they form Jubilee?

The major contributors to the formation of the Jubilee party are president Uhuru Kenyatta who was the party leader of famous The National Alliance (TNA) party and deputy president William Ruto who was the party leader of United Repuplican Party (URP).

The two leaders agreed to break their parties to form Jubilee in. The information that the public was given is that they agreed president Uhuru was going to run for president for ten years then hand it over to William Ruto for Another ten years.

This seems not to be happening and many Kenyans are wondering why deputy president William Ruto is not courageous enough to face president Uhuru Kenyatta who is in process of dumping him.

When William Ruto was in ODM, he was know to be that politician who was straight to the point in case things are not in order. He never feared anybody including the second president of Kenya, Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi, Mwai Kibaki and even Raila Odinga. Why is he shy to face Uhuru Kenyatta?

There was a secret deal?

There has been allegation that when President Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto decided to form Jubilee party, Deputy William Ruto was paid by president Uhuru Kenyatta to surrender United Republican Party (URP).

It is also alleged that Deputy William Ruto was not only paid to surrender URP but also to support Uhuru Kenyatta for presidency for two terms without conditions thereafter.

This simply means that, President Uhuru bought URP and William Ruto’s support. Which means jubilee party belongs to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

This might be true because some few days ago the Jubilee secretary general, Raphael Tuju forwarded some changes in the party to registrar of parties without the Knowledge of DP William Ruto. Tuju later confirmed that he was acting following the orders from the president. Is deputy William Ruto just a party member like other members?

President Uhuru Kenyatta is on record saying that he does not owe anyone support for presidency 2022. On the other side DP President William Ruto at one point also noted that no one owe him support for presidency 2022.

This simply means that they had no agreement for 2022. And therefore it was just a political game to tell URP supporters that after Uhuru’s two terms, William Ruto will come in. This was to avoid losing William Ruto’s supporters.

If there was an agreement that president Uhuru Kenyatta must support Deputy president William Ruto after his two terms, William Ruto could not have been quite. Especially at this time when Uhuru seems to be divorcing him slowly by slowly.

The only option deputy president William Ruto have if he wants president Uhuru’s support is to do what Uhuru did for him to support him during 2013 and 2017 elections.

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