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Magufuli Threatened To Switch Off Citizen TV In Tanzania.



President Magufuli demand apology from citizen TV.

Tanzanian president John Pombe Magufuli threatened to switch of citizen TV signals in his country. This is because, on 22nd of March 2020, citizen TV used some words that according to John Pombe Magufuli, was unfair.

Which words?

Citizen TV while reporting 7PM news in Kiswahili, they used the following swahili words ” UKADI WA MAGUFULI”. In endlish, this means ” STUBBORNNESS OF MAGUFULI.” The news were read that day by Rashid Abdallah and his colleague and wife, Lulu Hassan.

President Magufuli demand an apology.

After the use of the above words, the president of Tanzanian John Pombe Magufuli complained to the Kenyan TV station. It is reported that Magufuli gave the station warning.

He demanded for an apology from the station with condition that the station should air the apology for a certain period of time when the Tanzanian president will be satisfied. Failure to do this, citizen TV was in a risk of being switch off in Tanzania.

Citizen TV accepted to apologize.

Citizen TV accepted that they used inappropriate words to describe the neighboring head of state’s fight against corona virus.

For those who watch Citizen TV, this is why you are seeing the station airing this Magufuli apology almost every time.

Citizen TV decided to use this words following the measures that the president of Tanzania John Pombe Magufuli had taken in fight against the corona virus which is now affecting many countries in Africa.

What Magufuli said concerning fight against Corona virus.

When the first few cases of corona virus was reported in Tanzania, President John Pombe Magufli while addressing a church congregation in Tanzania, he is on record telling the people of Tanzania not to worry about corona virus since the only sure weapon to fight the disease is prayers.

Magufuli asked the people of Tanzania not to depend on face mask. He added that he will not order the closure of churches and mosque because of corona virus. He asked Tanzanians not to fear going to church or mosque to pray and with tine the pandemic will pass.

Again the president of Tanzania while address the people of Tanzania at State house, he was captured on a video telling the people of Tanzania to continue with the normal life.

Magufuli asked farmers to take the advantage of the rainy season to grow various crops. He also asked the business community do continue working saying that every Tanzanian should not allow this pandemic disease to interfere with economy of the country. He stated that government projects will go on as usual.


The two videos were highly shared online and almost everybody had an opinion concerning this. Many people online claimed that the president of Tanzania John Pombe Magufuli was trying to lead Tanzanians the Italian way.

It was reported that initially when the disease was reported in Italy, the people of Italy did not take it seriously. And might be the reason why the disease affected the Italians the most.

So may be Citizen TV was also reasoning the same. The only mistake citizen TV did is that they failed to pick the correct words to report this.

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