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Is Jack Ma Donations To Africa Genuine?



Jack Ma Donations,

Who is Jack Ma?

Jack Ma is a Chinese national who is a businessman. He is also an investor and a politician. Jack Ma is the co-founder of Alibaba.

Jack Ma Donations.

After the corona virus affected almost every country in the world, Jack Ma has been seen donating a lot of stuffs to more than 150 countries in Africa and other continents to help in the fight against the pandemic disease. He has also made some donation to World Health Organisation (WHO). According to Jack Ma, his donation is meant for those who are in need.

So far, Jack Ma ha donated to World Health Organization more than 100 million face masks, N95 mask and 1 million test kits.

Donations To African Countries.

On 16th of March 2020, Jack Ma foundation and Alibaba foundation made the first donations to 54 African countries. The donation was 20,000 test kits, 100,000 face mask and 1,000 medical protective suits and face shields.

The second donation from the two foundations to the same 54 African countries, was made on 6th Of April 2020. This time round they donated 500 ventilators, 200,000 suits and face shields, 2,000 thermometers, 1 million swabs and extraction kits and 500,000 gloves.

Jack Ma has also announced that the third donation to the 54 African countries will immediately be made to African Union and African CDC. He noted that the donation will includes, 4.6 Million face masks, 500,000 swabs and test kits, 300 ventilators, 200,000 clothing sets, 200,000 face shields, 2000 thermal guns, 100 body temperature scanners and 500,000 pairs of gloves.

Donations To Other Continents.

Jack Ma foundation and Alibaba foundation has not donated to African countries only. They have also made donations to United States, Europe and Asian countries.

Is The Donations Genuine?

Are the donations from Jack Ma foundation and Alibaba foundation genuine? For me, the donation is genuine. No doubt about that.

The above question came to my mind after watching a video of Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli. He was telling the people of Tanzania not to accept any donation from any person they do not trust.

According to Magufuli, donations during this hard time may be used as a weapon to spread the disease to the innocent citizens. He added that if need be those donations will be thoroughly checked first before accepting.

Jack Ma has made lots of Donations to 54 countries in Africa as stated above. This means Tanzania is in the list. I am not sure if they accepted the Donation.

Tanzanian president, from the beginning has been seen to be fighting this pandemic disease using a different style. Magufuli believe prayers is the only way to defeat the disease. He told people of Tanzania not to be afraid to go to mosque and churches to pray.

John Magufuli is on record also telling farmers and businessmen in Tanzania to continue with life as normal. He asked them not to allow corona virus to affect the economy of the country.

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Number Of Reported Cases In Tanzania.

According to the statement by the Tanzanian Health minister, Ummy Mwalimu on 20th of April 2020, the number of reported corona cases in Tanzania had risen to 254 after an additional of 84 people tested positive. The 84 cases were from the samples tested between 18th of April 2020 to 20th of April 2020.

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