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Khaligraph Jones At It Again On Online Critics.



Khaligraph Jones at it again on online critics.

Few months ago, Kenyan most famous rap artist, Khaligraph Jones came out demanding Kenyan TV and radio station to play Kenyan Music. This creation a crazy online discussion under the hash tag #PlayKenyanMusic.

By then, many artist came out to support him claiming that most of the Kenyan presenters were playing non Kenyan music, making very hard for Kenyan music to grow.

Khaligraph Jones is that artists who can say something straight without any fear of contradiction. This is what is believed to have made him gain more fans across the country.

This time round Khaligraph Jones decided to address the issue of artist being bullied online through his new hit “HAO”. The song he collaborated with another Kenyan artist known as MASAUTI.

In the song, Khaligraph Jones started that being a celebrity in Kenya is like a sacrifice and very expensive. Because sometimes you are forced to apologize to people you have not wrong them. And that being a celebrity you will be blamed for nothing.

He added that if you are a soft celebrity in Kenya, it will be very difficult for you to make. But those who are used to it will survive. The critics will take negative about you for you to catch feelings then they leave you with stress.

Jones gave examples of the Kenyan artist who are the victims of the online attacks.


Some few days ago, Bahati decided to shut down East-lands Most Beloved (EMB) record label. Bahati stated that he decoded to do that because there was so much hate from fellow gospel artists than love.

Khaligraph Jones stated that Bahati when he was starting the music journey, the fans used to call him Mum’s Boy (Mtoto Wa Mama). But the online critics decided to baptized him with a news name, Diana’s Boy. Diana is the wife of Bahati.

For more detailed information on why Bahati decided to shut down EMB, click here.

Stivo Simple Boy.

Stevo Simple Boy is a new Kenyan artist who has been trolled online many times. In the song, Khaligraph noted that some few days ago, Stevo Simple Boy was attacked online for putting on cloths. The same cloths Eliud Kipchoge was spotted with online, but he was praised by the same people who attacked Stevo Simple Boy.

Stevo Simple Boy is surviving the online critics because he himself one day stated that, the attacks is affecting him, but he has no option but to get used to.

Jimmy Gait.

Jimmy Gait is also a victim of online critics. He one day shade tears while explaining how he handles the online attacks. Jones also noted that the fellow is getting it hard. He asked the critics to think before attacking him that, “If he falls into depression?”

Mulamwah The Comedian.

Few days ago, comedian Mulamwah decided to quit comedy after he was attacked online. He burned down his signature shirt stating that being a comedian has cost him a lot.

Willy Paul.

Jone in his new song stated that, the online critics made Willy Paul to quit gospel music and started singing secular music.

Willis Raburu.

Khaligraph Jones that, people who used to like Willis Raburu and his 10 over 10 TV show, now hate him. He added that Kenyans are fans in denial. He asked the haters to stop the attacks on Willis Raburu because not one forced anybody to watch 10 over 10.

While ending up the song, he asked his fellow celebrities to God to bless them with self esteem like that of Pastor Ng’ang’a, Confidence like that of Riorogo Manduli and Wheel power like that of John Pombe Magufuli. According to him, this is the only way to deal with the critics.

Khaligraph and Akothee are the artist who to be the beast to deal with critics. They do ask critics to continue with what they know best because at the end of the day that can not affect thier lifes.

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