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Kenyan Celebrities Who Are Untouchable Online.



Untouchable celebrities in Kenya.

The rate at which Kenyan celebrities are being trolled online is increasing day by day. Some of this celebrities experience rough time online especially on Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter.

However, this does not happens to all the celebrities in Kenya. There is a number of the most feared celebrities. They are rarely attacked online.

This group knows well how to deal with the online critics. Some time they can even deal with the critics unfriendly way, making them most feared.

List of the most feared celebrities online.

1. Akothee.

Esther Akothee is a Kenyan famous female artist. She is also among the top celebrities in Kenya.

Many people known her as a crazy musician following the massages in her songs, her dancing styles and how he deals with the online critics.

She is the most most feared celebrity online. You dare troll her at your own risk. To deal with her critics, she has set a day of the week to specifically deal with those who attack her and those attacking her fellow celebrities online.

Akothee is a fearless woman who will deal back with you (critic) and even dare you to call police to arrest her.

She can go live on her Facebook page or her Instagram accounts just to deal with one specific person or critic who she marked online. Also she uses post on the two social media accounts to fight back.

Many fear appearing on the above because when Akothee decides to deal with you she can do it best. This is what has made her critics reduced online. And therefore she is untouchable.

2. Jalango Comedian.

Jalango is the most famous radio presenter in Kenya. He has worked for many media house in Kenya. Currently he work at Milele FM radio station.

He is also in the list of the most feared celebrities in Kenya. This is because he knows best how to deal with his online critics. You dare troll Jalango on social media and he can even a shame you on a live radio program.

He does not fear to fight back because when he does it, he does it best than you and you might end up regretting trolling him. This has made him most feared online.

3. Khaligraph Jones.

Khaligraph Jones is a Kenyan famous Rap artist. He is also in the list of top Kenyan Celebrities.

He is also another celebrity who is most feared online. First he has huge fan base. When you troll him, his fans will even deal with you before him.

Khaligraph is a funny artist who can even deal with his critics through a song. His latest song was all about online critics. He normally say he does not care. You can troll him the whole year but still not affecting him at all.

4. Eric Omondi.

Eric Omondi is the most famous comedian in Kenya, Africa and even beyond. He is another celebrity who does not care about online critics. He is most feared because many people believe in his work. And therefore attacking him is very hard because of huge fan base.

He can also decide to create a funny video clip that will deal with many of his critics at once. This is also one of the reasons why he is untouchable online.

5. YY Comedian.

YY is also a Kenyan comedian who falls in the group of the most famous celebrities in Kenya.

He is a celebrity who can even decide to fight on behalf of other celebrities who are attacked online.

For him, he does not care. He will tell you straight that if you do not like him or someone, do not follow him or her.

He also has a YouTube channel that he can use to deal with the critics. YY swore that critics will never discourage him to quit comedy.

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There is a number of Kenyan Celebrities who are daily victims of cyber bullying and this has at some point affected their talents. Some of this celebrities include;

  • Mulamwah
  • Jimmy Gait
  • Bahati
  • Weezdom
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