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Teachers Volunteer To Remark Joho’s KCSE Exams For Free.



Teachers Volunteer To Remark Joho's KCSE Exams For Free.

A number of registered teachers who are under Teachers Service Commission (TSC), have so far volunteer to remark Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams.

This is following the demand from some members of the public that Kenya Nationa Examination Council (KNEC), should allow Ali Hassan Joho’s KCSE exams should be remarked. They claim that Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho must have been wrongly marked.

This exams issue was raised after Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho, appeared to be the only clever leader following the ways he is using to fight corona virus in his county. Some Kenyans said that the knowledge he is applying does not match with his school grades.

One day Joho admitted that he did not perform well in KCSE. He said that he is a D minus holder.

Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho sat for his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams in 1993 at Serani secondary school in Mombasa, where he scored a mean grade of D minus.

Now some Kenyans believe that the mean grade of D minus is not the correct grade for governor Joho. They say Ali Hassan Joho is too clever. Some wondered how he can score D minus, yet he is to smart both politically and service delivery to public.

Volunteering Teachers.

Some TSC teachers have therefore stated that they are willing to remark Ali Hassan Joho’s KCSE exams for free if Kenya National Examination Council will allow his papers be remarked.

Among those who are willing to do this for free is Madam Anastasia Wanjau. She said that she is willing to remark Joho’s Geography and Kiswahili exams for free.

Another teacher who stated he is volunteering to remark Governor Ali Hassan Joho’s KCSE exams, is Mr Gaucho, a former teacher at Aldai girls high school, but currently teaching at Ndekei secondary school. For him, he is willing to remark Joho’s Chemistry exams also for free.

Best KCSE Grade for Joho.

Many other teachers supported them stating that, if governor Ali Hassan Joho’s exams can be remarked properly, his mean grade can not be less than an A Minus.

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Some also noted that apart from remarking his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams, Kenya National Examination Council, should apologize to governor Ali Hassan Joho for awarding him erroneous grades.

The rest are now pushing for fellow Kenyans to consider governor Ali Hassan Joho for president of Kenya in the next election. He said that Joho is more than capable to deliver the dream of every Kenyan.

Magori Nyamboga added that, governor joho is more genius. And he has outshines some leaders who are professors, Doctors and even others have PHD, but can not apply their knowledge when it comes to service delivery.

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Amos Sabatia also complained that political leadership does not go with school knowledge. Therefore they want the requirements that one should possesses to run for any political seat be revisited. He added that this is blocking out many people like Joho out there who have good leadership skills but no papers.

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