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New Ferry MV SAFARI Arrived In Mombasa.



New Ferry MV SAFARI Arrived In Mombasa.

A new ferry, MV SAFARI, has arrived today Saturday 25th of April 2020, In Mombasa. The ferry is expected to assist in ferrying passengers and vehicles across the Likoni channel.

The new ferry that has been docked at the Mbaraki wharf. Kenya ferry considers this new ferry, MV Safari, as the sister to the other ferry, MV JAMBO. This is because they look alike.

Features of the new ferry.

There is a wide spread rumors and speculation among the people of Mombasa county that, the new ferry MV SAFARI has staff resting room fitted with bed. Also it is alleged that unlike the MV JAMBO, MV SAFARI has a kiosks that will be selling drinks and snacks to the ferry users on board.

What we can confirm here at Newstap is that, just like the MV JAMBO, the new ferry MV SAFARI has a wash room inside that is meant for ferry staffs and may be ferry users who are urgently in need.

The wash room is meant for everybody but according to Kenya ferry, it will be mainly used by staff. They claim that if the wash room is allowed to everybody, it will be misused in terms of cleanliness and general hygiene. This is because it is difficult to control some ferry users.

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Just like the MV JAMBO, the new ferry also has two mini ports to assist in rescue mission in case of an accident.

Existing Ferries.

This new ferry will join the other 6 ferries to make a total of 7 ferries. The 5 ferries includes MV;

  • Jambo
  • Kwale
  • Likoni
  • Kilindini
  • Harambee.
  • Nyayo.

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Effects of Covid-19 to Kenya Ferry.

The new ferry arrived at the time when Kenya ferry are counting loses due the the current system of operations. They were forced to operate differently due to the corona virus which is already spreading in the country.

Kenya Ferry used to make a lot of money dairy from ferrying of Vehicles across the Likoni channel. Currently they concentrate more on passengers than vehicles. This is to allow passengers to be at home before curfew hours and also to arrive at places of work as early as possible. This has therfeore forced them to count loses.

Remember Kenya ferry offers free services to all pedestrians and those using bicycles. They do not pay anything. Therefore Kenya Ferry makes money from ferrying motorbikes and vehicles. The ferries are also available for hire may be to do a wedding or any other events at the sea. But Kenya ferries are rarely hired.

Kenya Ferry Charges.

One motorbike is charged Sh. 50 at the ferry and charges for cars and vehicles starts from Sh 120, depending on the weight and the size of the vehicle. The tourist fans are charged Sh 280 while passenger bus is charged Sh 1,100.

According to Kenya ferry, they ferry more than 320,00 pedestrians and more than 5,600 vehicles daily. Therefore the estimate amount of money they make per day is Sh 1.8 Million per day from ferrying motorbikes, tuktuks and vehicles.

Kenya ferry is therefore unable to make the above amount per day because the current ferry operation system does not allow vehicles be ferried before 11AM. This means only pedestrians are served until 11AM. This is therefore making them to ferry less vehicles per day.

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