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Mombasa Lady Who Volunteer To Distribute Food, Expose Village Elders.



Mombasa Lady Who Volunteer To Distribute Food, Expose Village Elders.

A lady from Mombasa county who identify herself as Josephine Ndinda, who had volunteered to distribute relief food have exposed some village elders.

Who were in charge?

Village elders and chiefs in Mombasa county were given the responsibility to identify the most vulnerable household in the county. Then list them so that they get the relief food. The food stuffs were donated from the county government of Mombasa under the Emergency Household Relief and Nutrition support project.

According to Josephine who witnessed everything, the village elders are the ones to take the blame for those who did not receive the food stuffs yet they deserved. The relief foods distribution activity began some few day ago. So far many residence of Mombasa county are complaining that they did not receive the foods. This is because they were not in the list taken by villagers elders.

Criteria used.

Josephine blame the village elders who she said, instead of listing down the people who deserve the foods, they did opposite and list their relatives and friends.

She said that she was touched by a 86 years old woman who missed the donation, but she really deserved. But her neighbor who Ndinda say was even better than the 86 years old woman, was in the list and she received the food donations.

Ndinda also added that she also came across an old man who stayed outside till 3 AM waiting for the foods donations. But when they group arrived, the old man was not in the list again. This time Josephine said she asked the chief who replied that, the old man was not in the list because he did not fall under the vulnerable group. According to Josephine, the old man was poor and he could not even see well.

Who were listed as beneficiaries?

The lady further stated that, most of the people who were in the list were even business people and some are even employed. She even noted that most of the people who received the food, later sold out to the small food kiosk around.

Josephine was heart broken by all this and she saw no need to volunteer to do something which is not fair. She finally quit.

Likoni residence have also complain that despite Likoni being the area where where most vulnerable live, was not prioritized.

Most of the Mombasa county residence have called out on their hardworking governor to look on this complains and not to allow village elders and some chiefs to brand him a bad name.

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Some asked the governor to stop this as early as possible, otherwise they will not accept the lock down that their governor had proposed to the national government.

This expose came at a time when some people who received the food donations, complained that, governor Joho despite being a Muslim gave them wrong food at the wrong time. They were expecting food best for Ramadhan season.

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The food stuff that were distributed were, 10 Kilograms of Maize flour, 10 Kilograms of rice, 10 Kilograms of vetch and 2 liters of cooking oil.



  1. Ramadhan Koech Kiplangat

    April 26, 2020 at 6:04 pm

    We need not to select some people who suppose to get food and yet poor people are seffering with no foo .

  2. Imu

    April 26, 2020 at 8:40 pm

    Good work josphine ndindi keep it up expose them action should be taken in such a way others wont dare to try thinking about doing that

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