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Akothee Promise Ezekiel Mutua Never To Disturb With Dress Code Again.



Akothee Promise Ezekiel Mutua Never To Annoy Him Again.

Akothee, The Good Girl In Town.

Kenyan female secular artist, Esther Akoth, alias Akothee, has promised Ezekiel Mutua that starting today 28th of April 202, she will be a good girl. Ezekiel Mutua is the Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB).

Last year 2019, the two, Akothee and Ezekiel Mutua, were not in goof terms. This is after Ezekiel Mutua commented against her following her perfomance at the Pepa Remo party that took place in Watamu.

After the party, Akothee shared some photos in her social media accounts that were taken from the event while she was dancing. The pictures did not sit well with Ezekiel Mutua who rubbished the way Akothee dressed herself on the stage.

After Ezekiel Mutua saying what he had to say concerning Akothee’s code of dressing, Akothee did not take the words and instead, she replied to Ezekiel Mutua. She told Mutua that he can not allow Mutua to control her yet he has never helped her promote her music.


2020 is a different year for them. The two are now good friends. The friendship deepens further after Mutua promised to reward Akothee together with Nairobi senator, Johnson Sakaja and sons, sh. 50,000 each.

Mutua decided to reward Akothee for being the most improved artist in Kenya. He stated that Akothee’s online messages and content of late are very inspiring.

Nairobi senator Johnson and sons were rewarded for being the winners of the most creative piece of art in raising awareness on covid-19. Few weeks ago, Sakaja shared a video of him and his sons rapping a covid-19 related song, asking people to stay home, wash hands and sanitize.

Akothee has so far confirmed that she has received the money from the office of Ezekiel Mutua to her m-pesa account. She stated that the sh 50,000 has changed her life. He promise never to disturb him again with dress code saying that she has realized that there is no money in the trouble side. She promise to be a good girl.

She has earlier stated that, the moment she received the sh 50,000 from Mutua, She will send straight to those ladies who worked in the night clubs and can’t get anything to feed their children.

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