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CS Kagwe Disappoint Kenyans For The first Time.



CS Kagwe disappoint Kenyans for the first time.

Kenyan Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has been darling to many Kenyans from the first day when the first corona case case was announced in Kenya. Many Kenyans came out to note that they have a lot of hope in CS Kagwe in the fight against corona virus in the country.

Why Kenyans not happy about Kagwe’s statement.

A number of Kenyans have now complain that Kenyan Health Cabinet Secretary is starting to be unfair. This is after Mutaho Kagwe announced that the government is now allowing restaurant to operate.

A Kenyan by the name Fred Erick together with a number of other Kenyans questioned how the government could allow restaurants to operate leaving out churches.

According to Fred, Kenyan now need prayers more than anything. And instead of government allowing Kenyans to go to church to pray, they are allowing opening of restaurants in Kenya. He added that, if people are not careful during this challenging times, then the Satan will take advantage of the whole situation.

Power in prayers.

Fred Erick also noted that Church leaders in Kenya are failing to do their work as church representatives. He said that it is high time that church believers should fight for their right of worship. This is because it is high time that people should go back to God instead of relying on scientists and vaccines.

Erick further asked church leaders to open their eyes and act now, instead of waiting for the pandemic to end. Fred Erick believe that there is POWER IN PRAYER.

He made a request to the government of Kenya to consider allowing people to go back to church to pray for the country. He noted that they will will follow the the World Health Organisation even in church. That is washing hands in church entries, sanitizing and even maintaining social distance during church service.

Complain from Muslims.

This complain from Fred Erick, comes few day after a number of Muslims in Malindi, Kilifi county, raised the same issue. They requested the government to allow them to go pray in the mosque.

According to them, the Quran teaches them that the only place to ran to when the situation is tough is the mosque. Therefore the place that they should ran to during this time when corona virus is threatening the world has been blocked by the government.

Many questioned how can the church or mosque be dangerous than supermarkets and restaurant.

Kenyans hope is that the heat Cs Kagwe and the government will consider their request and churches will be allowed to open soon.

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