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Pastor Ng’ang’a Embarrassed His Follower Again.



Pastor Ng'ang'a Embarrassed His Follower Again.

Controversial evangelist, pastor Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism ministry is again trending on social media. This after a video of him went viral on social media embarrassing one of his follower.

What happened?

According to pastor James Ng’ang’a, one of the members from his church, Neno Evangelism ministry, send him a message through his phone, request him to pray for his business which has gone down. Jame Ng’ang’a stated that his church member claimed that, his business has been affected by the corona virus.

Pastor James Ng’ang’a confirmed that he will not waste his time praying for that follower. He said that he has more important things to pray for especially this time when corona virus is threatening the life of people in the whole world.

Right Message At The Wrong Time.

He stated that it is awkward for someone to ask for prayers in favor of his business when things are not good in the world, people are dying and everything is locked down including churches.

What annoyed pastor James Ng’ang’a the most is when the same follower asked him in the same phone message, to send him some amount of money after praying for him. he termed him as a criminal for doing that.

Pastor James Ng’ang’a went ahead to disown him as his church follower. He asked him not to come to his church anymore even after corona virus is over. Ng’ang’a asked him to start looking for a church he will be worshiping since he is not welcomed again in Neno Evangelism.

He stated that his follower send him a wrong text that was supposed to be send to the police so that the police can provide him security for his business. While recording the video that is trending on social media he claims he is in a forest where it is to cold making him cough.

Dr. James Ng’ang’a?

Some few days ago, Pastor James Ng’ang’a was trending again after he claimed he has ability to cure corona virus. Ng’ang’a had claimed that he could have cured the corona virus positive people if only the government of Kenya would have allowed him.

He claims the only instrument he would need is his famous guitar. And that he needs only 20 patients in his church special room and nobody else.

This comes at a time when some church believers in Kenya, Christians and Muslims, are requesting the government to consider allowing people to go to church to pray.

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