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Leaked Ministry of Health Expenditure Report Shocks Kenyans.



Leaked MOH Expenditure Shocks Kenyans.

Ministry of Health Expenditure Report.

Leaked document showing how the Ministry of Health in Kenya spend Kshs. 1 billion that the government got from the World Bank. Many Kenyans believe that the money were misused.

According to the government, they spend the Kshs 1 billion as follows;

Leasing of 15 Ambulances cost the Ministry of Health Khs. 42,000,000 . Ksh. 12,000,000 were used to accommodate 30 HCW who needed quarantine services for a period of 90 days.

Airtime for 500 staff, for 3 months cost the Ministry of Health Ksh. 2,000,000. Each staff receive worth ksh. 4,000 per month.

Fuel and maintenance of 30 vehicles cost Ksh. 14,400,000 for an estimated period of 30 days. Per week cost ksh. 40,000. Snacks and teas for various teams cost the ministry Ksh. 4,000,00.

According to the leaked document, the ministry of health spend ksh. 6,500,000 on stationary , That is printing papers , tones e.t.c. While communications cos the ministry ksh. 70,000,000.

Call and Complains Centers

Procure and installation of call centers for grievances and complains management, a mandatory safeguard requirement by the World Bank, cost the ministry of health Ksh. 11,800,000.

Printing of documents like travelers forms, quarantine forms and discharge forms, cost ksh. 9,000,000 as per the leaked document.

Ksh. 277,941, 475 was used on PPEs where the procurement entity was KEMSA. While lab equipment cost ksh. 330,375,795 and ksh. 196,924,208 for Roche test kits.

Equipment which were procured by KEMSA cost ksh. 98,795,580 and that procured by Gradian ( World Bank), cost ksh. 160,000,000.

Assorted PPEs that was procured by UNICEF cost ksh. 58,205,470. While handling and delivery fees for UNICEF cost ksh. 11,641,094.

Therefore the total amount of money that was used is ksh. 1,305,583,622. According to the MOH, the excess expenditure will be drawn from the additional funds from the World Bank.

The ministry of health released the expenses report in response to the National Assembly on 28th of April 2020 in a virtual meeting.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kenneth mungai Kamau

    April 30, 2020 at 9:25 am

    Thanks alot to the ministry of health and the great work they are doing to fight the Covid 19 in the republic of Kenya. It’s really a good job and congratulations to the minister uncharge and His assistant and all the medical fraternity. I would advice you to keep the good job that you are doing and be ready for challenge question of accountability from the political leaders and all other Kenyans who wish to do so.
    I believe that you needs to have an accountant to every penny that is spend and also avoid spending alot of money on things that Kenyans may think that it’s not necessary like tea and snacks or when you do so you avoid telling them that you did spend that on tea while some of the medical experts are not having necessary equipment to fight the corona virus.
    I wish you all the best as we all fight this giant corona virus.
    God bless you all God bless Kenya.

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