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William Ruto Was Clever To Distance Himself From Covid-19



William Ruto Was Clever To Distance Himself From Covid-19

Was DP William Ruto clever to avoid covid-19 team?

Many Kenyans are now realizing that deputy president William Ruto made a wise decision to distance himself from government covid-19 committee. At some point, some Kenyans had complained that DP William Ruto was ignoring Kenyans during the hard time when corona virus is spreading across the country.

According to Mwalimu Dida, deputy president William Ruto has always been blamed for any wrong doing done by the Jubilee government.

Government expenditure on covid-19.

The government of Kenya had announced that they were spending one billion everyday in the fight against corona virus. An announcement that shock many Kenyans who questioned how one billion per day. According to the government, within a period of 40 days they had already spend 40 billion.

Dida noted that if deputy president William Ruto was among the team , he would have blame him. He also questioned how the government can spend one billion a day yet hospitals were using equipment donated by Jack Ma. According to Dida, nothing can explain the 40 billion expenditure per day.

Raila’s office allocated 72 Million.

Many Kenyans further questioned how the government can allocate 72 Million to Raila Odinga’s offices at the time when many vulnerable Kenyans need help more than before.

Elgeyo Marakwet senator, Kipchumba Murkomen also stated that it is not possible that the government can spend 40 billion in 40 days.

He said that if it is true that the 40 billion were spend, then not in fighting corona virus but was spend on cartels and dynasties.

This has therefore made deputy president Willima Ruto look clever. Some even now believe that some of the past scandals that William Ruto was mentioned might not have been true. But it was just used as a political weapon against him.








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