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Kenyans Questioned Many Ships Arriving At Mombasa Port.



Kenyans Questioned Many Ships Arriving At Mombasa Port.

Worried Residence Of Mombasa.

At this time when Mombasa county is reporting new corona virus cases everyday, Mombasa residence lead by one person whom she identify himself as Omwami Joble have questioned the large ships that keep arriving every day at the Mombasa airport.

Omwani stated he himself is worried following the current situation in Mombasa county, a second county after Nairobi county with the highest number of corona virus positive cases.

He questioned whether the crews in the large ships coming from the foreign countries are free from the corona virus.

Safety of Kenya Ports Authority Workers.

Omwami stated they deserve answer to this because the staffs at Kenya Port Authority, KPA, are their parents, sisters and brothers. And they need to be well protected from any harm associated with corona virus.

Joble requested Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho, in partnership with the National Government to give Kenyans, especially Mombasa residence a comprehensive report. A report that clearly state the measures they have taken to ensure that the crews who accompany the ships are free from corona virus and the safety of all Kenya Port Authority staff and anybody else who works in the port.

Some few weeks ago, it was alleged the all the crew who accompany the ships coming to Kenya, are quarantine at the sea. And the people inside are thoroughly tested to ensure that they are free from Corona virus to avoid them affecting employees at the Kenya Port Authority.

Mombasa county under partial lock-down.

The government had named the Kenya port Authority as the corona virus hot spot. This is after some Kenya Ports Authority staffs, tested positive of corona virus.

The Minister of Health, Mutahi Kagwe had stated that the government were planning to send 1000 test kits to Kenya Ports Authority Mombasa. This was meant to allow mass testing of all workers who works at the port.

Mombasa county is currently among the counties in Kenya under partial lock down after the president ordered that the counties be locked for more 21 days.

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