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Robbery In The Name Of Covid-19 Medics.



Robbery In The Name Of Covid-19 Medics.

Robbery. A number of cases involving people taking advantage of the current situation and curfew in the country have been reported. Robbers are are taking advantage of clear streets at night to steal from Kenyans.

The latest case has been reported in Choka areas of Nairobi county. A man by the name Gerald Irungu who takes care of a building, was awaken at night by the knock at the gate around 2 AM.

Before opening the gate, he decided to peep and he saw a number of around seven people. Some dressed in police uniform and the rest in full PPEs. The moment he saw those dressed in police uniform, Gerald Irungu knew things were okay.

Irungu decided to open the gate after they introduced themselves as police officers and medics, and that they were coming to pick a person in the building who had contact with a person who has been confirmed to be positive of corona virus.

What happened immediately Gerald Irungu opened the gate is that, the men who were dressed in PPEs pulled out guns from their pockets and ordered Irungu back into his room.

They started to pick valuable items and money from door to door. After, they escape using a van that was waiting for them at the gate.

Other Robbery Case.

Still in Nairobi the same case has also been reported. But this time round, the robbers found a clever gate man. They introduced themselves the same way but the guard did not trust them. Before opening the gate, he went ahead to inform the landlord who decided to call the task force handling the corona cases in Nairobi.

The robbers realized that their mission will go through and the only option they had is to leave. The guard told them to come back in the morning, but they never came.

Police have therefore asked the members of the public to be very cautious when dealing with such people. The police advised the public that before buying stories from such persons, they better call the relevant covid-19 call centers to confirm. Use the numbers provided by the Ministry of Health.

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