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Sad! Woman Placed Under Forced Quarantine With One Month Old Baby.



Kenyans Protest As Woman Placed Under Forced Quarantine With One Month Old Baby.

Kenyans are not happy?

A story of a woman who was placed under forced quarantine in Busia county together with her one month old baby, did not sit well with Kenyans and some leaders including Nairobi governor Mike Sonko.

What happened?

The woman, Caroline Akumu who is married to Ernest Osundwa, is a resident of Busia county. It is alleged that Caroline Akumu was arrested by the police within curfew hours and was forcefully quarantined together with her young baby.

What angers many is the condition of the isolation facility. She was quarantined in Kisoko girls high school in Busia county, an isolation center that was set by the Busia county government.

As per the pictures that was posted by Nairobi governor Mike Sonko on his twitter account, the facility has beds with no mattresses. This condition forced Caroline Akumu and her one month baby to sleep on a carton box on the floor.

The pictures showing the condition at the woman and her child, did not sit well with governor Mike Sonko who was in process of looking for her details.

What angers many Kenyans most is the fact that the Ministry of Health that can spend millions on tea and snacks and buying airtime, while the condition in some isolation centers is pathetic. Some Kenyans now regret voting for leaders who does not care a all about the lives of citizens.

Some blame the Busia women representative, Florence Mutua who instead of fighting for fellow women in the county, is no where to be seen. And she seems not to be aware of what is happening.

Another case in Mombasa county.

The story of Caroline Akumu comes a day after a widow in Mombasa county boiled stones to confuse her hungry kids as if she was cooking food. She did this because she had no other option for her kids who could not understand their mother could not provide food.

The two stories plus others happening behind the scenes simply tell that the country is heading to a wrong direction. Kenyans blame government for lack of proper measure to deal with the effect of corona virus.

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