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Story Of Widow Who Decided To Repair Potholes Herself Angers Kenyans.



Story Of a Widow Who Decided Repair Potholes Herself Angers Kenyans.

A story of a 67 years old widow, who decided to assume the role of elected leaders, to repair bad road in Bomet county has angered many Kenyans. The woman for a period of almost one year now has been seen repairing the road connecting Bomet town and Tenwek Mission Hospital.

Why Evelyn made the rare decision?

Evelyn Tonui made a decision to repair this road after he lost her husband to a tragic accident on the same road. she therefore decided to do this to prevent more such accidents from happening again to other people.

She said she lost her husband because the road had many potholes, the potholes she always try her best to cover everyday.

Last year 2019, pictures of the widow herself repairing the Bomet-Tenwek road using only a hoe, were widely shared on social media with the hope that leaders will react.

It is surprising that this year, 2020 again has been spotted repairing the road again. This time round she manage to get a tractor to transport soil to repair the potholes. This has angered many Kenyans who blame leaders who does not seems to care at all despite seeing what the woman is doing.

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No giving up.

People who uses the Bomet-Tenwek road regularly said that Evelyn has never given up repairing the road. She only take a break when the road is a bit better, but will be seen again when she notice new potholes on the same road.

If is even more sad that at least two Ambulances rushing patients to Tenwek Mission hospital almost got involved in an accident in the same road.

It is reported that, last term when president Uhuru Kenyatta visited Tenwek hospital, those responsible for that work, just did some repair to cover the president’s eye. After the president left, nothing has been done, apart from what Mrs Evelyn Tonui is doing.

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Some people even wondered how Tenwek Mission hospital, a profit making institution and are capable of repairing the road has done nothing yet that is the only main road to access the hospital.

Kenyans call upon Bomet county leadership to wake up and serve people who elected them work for them, but are now leaving the work to be done by the people who elected them.

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