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Kenyans Assume Opposition Roles After Raila Became Uhuru’s Darling.



Kenyans Assume Opposition Roles After Raila Became Uhuru's Darling.

Kenyans in opposition.

Many Kenyans have decided to play the roles of the opposition in Kenya after opposition leader, Raila Odinga decided to work together with president Uhuru Kenyatta. This made the opposition in Kenya very weak, and therefore some Kenyans have decided to assume the roles of opposition in Kenya.

The main role of any opposition party is to questioned the government of the day and to hold them accountable to the public. Opposition is also responsible in upholding the best interests of the people of specific country.

Therefore the task of any opposition leaders includes cheering meetings to discuss the government policies and examines the proposed bills or laws, and present alternatives policies to the government of the day.

Failed opposition in Kenya.

Now, for the Kenyan case, Kenyans feel opposition party which is Orange Democratic Movement, ODM, is not playing the opposition role, since their leader is partially in government. Making it hard for him to questioned the government.

Many Kenyans claim that, the government has been making a lot of blunders, but no one is there to questioned them. Kenyan resources and money being mismanaged, and poor criteria being used to appoint personnel into various offices.

Some Kenyans lead by Miguna Miguna, questioned the criteria that president Uhuru Kenyatta used to appoint, Gen. Robert Kibochi Kariuki to serve as the new Chief of Defense Forces, moments after Gen. Samson Mwathethe retired.

Ministry of Health Expenditure.

Kenyans have also questioned how the Ministry of Health spend the money that was donated by the World Bank. According to the report from the Ministry of Health, they had already spend ksh. 70,000,000 on communication, Ksh. 2,000,000 to buy airtime for staff and Ksh. 4,000,000 on tea and snacks for various staffs.

This expenditure shocked many Kenyans who believe that the funds were mismanaged. And because no one in the opposition to question the government on this, Some Kenyans have decided to do so.

Former Kiambu county governor, William Kabogo, posted a video claiming that the money was stolen and those who did that while Kenyans need that money more that before, will be punished the hard way.

President Uhuru while speaking during, a mini Labor day event held in the State House, an event that was attended by COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli, he stated that the money spend on Covid-19 will be audited.

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