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Babu Owini Is Lying About His Background?



"Babu Owini Is Lying About His Background"

Babu Owino Background Life.

A heated debate is going on, on social media, Facebook about Embakasi East member of parliament, Hon. Babu Owino’s background life. This discussion started after Hon. Babu Owino posted a photo on his Facebook page, describing how life was difficult when he was young.

On the Facebook post, Hon Babu Owino stated that life was hard for him to an extent he could go to school without having eaten anything.

He added that, their home had no electricity, and for him to study at home, he had to use glass paraffin lamp. And at the same time he use to sell ‘chang’aa’ in order to raise fees for both primary school and high school.


This is when some of his followers started doubting Hon. Babu Owino’s statement referring the picture he posted. They believe that his life was not that hard and that he exaggerate.

In the picture, Hon. Babu Owino is seen seated on sofa seats, and some ‘nice’ curtains are seen on the wall. Kenyans were also sharp to spot the shoes that Babu Owino had.

A section of his followers, lead by Victor Nyakundi, claims that those days, a family with sofa seats and can afford to buy shoes for the kids was considered to be much better. Because sofa was luxury by then. And therefore the standard of such and house, does not seems to lack food.

Some claims that, they only had an opportunity to read during the day using natural light, sun, because they could not afford even to buy paraffin. Most also claims that most of them used to go to school bare footed, and that they could sleep in the same house with goats, chicken and even calfs.


However, some claim that Babu Owino said it as it is. Maji Patrober stated that he is a witness. He said that he remember well the small house in Nyalenda, where Babu Owina used to live.

Hon . Babu Owino had to post the photo, telling his parents, sisters and brothers to invest in Education. This is following a lot of questions after the MP went live on his Facebook page, for an excellent mathematics revision lesson.

This was in order to assist form four candidates who are at home, due to corona virus, but are yet to sit for final exams. he did it well, leaving people admiring his math knowledge.








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