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Joho Advised On How To Deal With Rude, Mombasa Old Town Residence.



Mombasa county governor Ali Hassan Joho now have a tough challenge of making sure that all the Mombasa Old Town who refused to be tested, are actually tested, either by force or through other means.

Most the Old Town residence of Mvita constituency, refused to be tested, in what governor Ali Hassan Joho said, they fear being quarantined.

The county government together with Ministry of Health decided to begin the mass testing exercise, in the area, since most of the positive cases in the county are from that specific area.

Advice to governor Joho.

Most of the people who have watched governor Joho speaking at Old Town, after this embarrassment, have advised him on how to deal with such Old Town residence.

1. Anger Brings Damage.

While speaking in the area of Old Town, Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho could be seen speaking with a lot of anger. Swahili speaking community believe that, anger brings damage, ( Hasira hasar).

Therefore some Kenyans lead by Omwami Joble, asked governor Joho to reduce anger because it will not help him as a governor towards reducing the graph of covid-19 in Mombasa county.

2. Restrict Movement In Mombasa Island.

Governor Ali Hassan Joho has also been advised to restrict movements in the Island, which is basically Mvita constituency.

This was supported by many in fear that, most of the old town residence have relatives in the areas of Kisauni constituency. And therefore because of tough warning from the governor that, everybody will be tested by force, might make most of this people to move to their relatives Kisauni.

3. Raise Awareness.

The fact that old town residence refused to be tested, simply means that they do not understand well that Corona is not the end of life. And also quarantine is not a punishment.

Therefore governor Joho has been advised to look for a way to teach people first understand why it is important for them to be tested. They need to understand that corona is not the end of life since Kenya has so far registered more recoveries than deaths.

Joho also asked to partner with both Christians and Muslim leadership to help on sensitization.

4. Consult Kwale governor and Kilifi governor.

Governor Ali Hassan Joho has also been advised, to consult Kwale county governor, Salim Mvurya and Kilifi governor Amason Kingi, who have managed to contained the cases in their counties.

Governor Salim Mvurya managed to contained 1 corona virus case. While Kilifi governor Amason Kingi had announced that his county was free from corona virus after the last patients were discharged.

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