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Mombasa Residence Refuse To Be Tested In Fear Of Quarantine.



Mombasa Residence Refuse To Be Tested In Fear Of Quarantine.

Mombasa residence refused to be tested.

Mombasa county residence from Old Town, in Mvita constituency, have surprised many after the reports that they refused to be tested. According to Mombasa county governor, Ali Hassan Joho, the Mvita played hide and seek game to avoid being tested because they fear being quarantined.

Mombasa county is the second county in Kenya with the highest number of corona virus positive case. The highest number of the positive cases in the county, comes from the same area, Old Town in Mvita constituency.

What angers governor Joho the most, is the fact that, out of all the 11 people who have died in Mombasa county, 6 of them are from Mombasa Old Town.

Mosque sneakers.

It is also reported that, some mosque leaders in the area have been sneaking people into the mosque in the name of praying. Governor Joho warned that he will order investigation to find those people who are doing so, and all of them will be quarantined by force for the sake of saving the lives of other people.

Governor Ali Hassan Joho, stated that this time round he will not interfere if the police find or arrest people in the mosque who are breaking the law.

The county management decided to begin the mass testing activity in Old Town, after the that specific area was named as the hot spot of corona virus in Mombasa county.

In a worst display of ignorance, some of the Old Town residence took to social media to oppose the measures put in place by the Ministry of Health and the county government of Mombasa.

This angers Joho more saying that, many people in the world are seeking for free test while Old Town residence are refusing free test.

Mvita constituency member of parliament, Hon. Abdulswamad Shariff Nasir, who was also in the mass testing location, warn that he will not allow reckless residence to spoil the lives of innocent people.

Governor Joho however, confirmed that Old Town residence will be tested by force, and if they further refuse, they will be locked inside the house to block them from meeting other people.

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