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Betty Kyallo Reveals Things She Does When She is Drunk.



Betty Kyallo Reveals Things She Does When She is Drunk.

K24 news anchor, Betty Butei Kyallo reveals a list of things she like doing when she is tipsy or rather drunk. Betty Kyallo character on the TV screens is a very different Betty Kyallo on social media.

Those who follow her on social media, must have seen her going live on her Instagram account, especially late night when she is drunk.

Apart from her like going like on social media when she is drunk, Betty has reveal more things that she like doing off camera. She admits that sometimes she do things she could not believe when she is back, sober.

She stated that when she is high, she is a fan of phone calls. She list the number of people she like calling.

Betty Kyallo Like Calling Her Mother.

According to Betty Kyallo, the first person she always likes calling when she has taken 1,2,3, is her mum. She said she do call her just to tell her how grateful she is for giving birth to her.

The next thing she will do the following day when she is sober is to apologize for calling her mother during weird hours. She does that just because she love her.

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Her Ex-boyfriends.

Betty also mention that when she is drunk, she likes calling her ex-boyfriends because that is the only time she has courage to talk to them. She says she likes calling them to tell them that, how they broke up was not that good for her. And that they should not do that to other ladies out there.

She said what makes her more crazy when calling this Ex-boyfriends, is the fact that most of them even do not have her number anymore. And she always have to re-introduce herself.

And when she calls those Ex-boyfriends turned friends, she likes telling them she did not mean anything bad and that every thing is cool. To this group, she will arrange with them a meeting for a cup of coffee.

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Friends she don’t like.

According to Betty, she will never miss to call such friends she pretend to like when she is sober because when is is tipsy, is the best time to tell them straight that she does not like them.

Betty said that this kind of friends, are the ones they do not think the same and all their things are very different. She gave examples of those friends who likes talking about other guys.

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Her sister, Gloria.

Betty also says she likes calling her sister, Gloria, just to ask her if they can come up with an idea like to start ‘sisters’ show e.t.c. But because Gloria is used to her, she will always reply to her that they talk the next day.

According to Gloria, Betty likes making fake promises when she is high. She like promising things like trips that will never happen.

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So that is Betty Mutei Kyallo when is has taken one, to many of them.

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