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Mohammed Ali Is Behaving Magufuli Way On Corona.



Mohammed Ali Is Behaving Magufuli Way On Corona.

Mohammed Ali on mass testing.

Nyali constituency member of parliament, Mohammed Ali, Alias Jicho Pevu, has surprised many Kenyans after talking in support of the Mombasa old town residence who refused to be tested for corona virus for free.

Many claims that, Mohammed Ali is behaving like Tanzanian president, John Pombe Magufuli, who at first has asked the people of Tanzania not to fear Corona Virus. Tanzania currently is reporting surprising number of cases every day.

Some few weeks ago, Tanzania had few cases than Kenya. But current, Tanzania has overtaken Kenya with 480 positive cases which is considered the highest in East Africa.

Kenyans Reactions.

Reactions online is that many believes this is happening in Tanzania because their president was not serious about at the beginning.

A section of Kenyans are now claiming that Nyali constituency Mp, Mohammed Ali is inciting people to go against governor Ali Hassan Joho on mass testing. The warned that if Mohammed Ali is not careful, he will lead people the wrong way.

Mohammed Ali posted a video on his Facebook account, telling governor Joho to stop using force to have people tested. He further asked Joho to stop pushing for a total lock down in the country.

Ali Jicho Pevu, was responding to governor Ali Hassan Joho’s speech, while addressing the residence of Mombasa Old town, who refuse to show up for testing. This is because they fear being quarantined.

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Some Kenyans noted that if everybody is given freedom to think the way he or she want on the issue of Corona, those careless and rude citizens will put the whole country at risk.

Nyali MP, believes that governor Ali Hassan Joho is behaving to be tough on the fight against corona virus, just for political mileage.

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Many Kenyans have however, supported governor Joho who insisted that, every body in Mombasa Old Town will be tested by force. And those who will further refuse, will be locked inside their home, to avoid putting the lives of innocent people at risk.








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