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President Magufuli Shock The World Again On Covid-19.



President Magufuli Shock The World Again.

Tanzanian president John Pombe Magufuli is trending in the world, especially in Africa, after saying that the testing kits that were donated by the Chinese and they have been using are faulty.

John Pombe Magufuli come to this conclusion, after they took samples from animals like goats and sheep, samples from plants like pawpaw, birds and car oil, to the lab for corona virus test.

They assigned them human names and age just to hide from the lab technicians.

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Surprisingly the test result for pawpaw they they had assigned female name Elizabeth Anne, 26 years old, turn out to be positive. Further more the sample from the bird and goat also turn out to be positive for corona virus.

The Oil sample assigned male name Ahmsa, 36 years old and that of a sheep, turn out negative.

Breadfruit they had named Sarah Samuel, female, aged 45 years, test results came out inconclusive. The rabbit test results turn out indeterminate.

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This therefore made him think that the test kits are fake and he does not believe in them anymore. He however gave three possibilities of false positive results.

  • President Magufuli said that may be the Tanzania national referral laboratory is incompetent.
  • The government laboratory staff were paid by the imperialists or opposition to alter the results
  • The test kits from China are fake.

This happens after it was also reported that the hundreds of thousands of test kits that was donated to Europe from China, were rejected for being defective and faulty.

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President John Pombe Magufuli said that the government of Tanzania is sending a plane to pick up the herbal “Covid go-19 cure” that is being promoted by the government of Madagascar.

The above statements from presidents Magufuli has caused a lot of reactions across the globe. Many thinking that many be Magufuli is right and some says he has always been opposing anything to deal with China.

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