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Raila On The Spot After Using Airforce Plane To Tabitha Karanja’s Home.



Raila On The Spot After Using Airforce Plane To Tabitha Karanja's Home.

Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga is on the receiving end after using the Air Force plane normally used by the president, to fly him to the home of John and Tabitha Karanja, the famous Keroche Breweries family.

Raila went to condole with the family after they lost their second born daughter, Tecra Muigai Karanja, who is said to have died from an accident.

According to Miguna Miguna who has been the main Raila Odinga’s critic, is that president Uhuru Kenyatta ordered the the Kenya Air force plane, to fly Raila to Karanja’s home, which is outside Nairobi.

Miguna Miguna claims that Raila Odinga is not fair to all Kenyans since never made a visit to Msando’s mother and he has not visited over 300,000 families sleeping in the rain in Kariobangi, Nyando and Pokot.

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Currently most of the families in Kenya have been affected by floods caused by the heavy rains that has been witnessed in the country.

A section of Kenyans lead by Hon. KK Mibei said that Raila Odinga is being hypocritical to the family of Karanja. This is because, Raila never helped out the family, when the government was maliciously molesting the them over their company.

The Keroche Breweries Limited has been battling in court with Kenya Revenue Authority, over the issue of Ksh. 9 billion tax.

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Many Kenyans believes that since Raila is currently too close to the president, as they consider him the Co-president, he was able to rescue the Keroche Breweries Company, if he was a true friend to the family is genuine.

However some believe that Raila visits the family because he understand the pain of losing a child especially when they are at their prime.

What we understand is that Raila is been a close friend to the Karanja’s family, not forgetting when Keroche Breweries were launching the Senator Brand into the market, Raila Odinga was the among the quests.

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Those Kenyans who believe in the Raila, Karanja’s friendship, made a request to Raila Odinga to assist the family to come back to their business. This is by talking to the government to look for a better way to settle the tax issue.








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