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The Day Joho Started Losing Trust From Coast Residence.



The Day Joho Started Losing Trust From Coast Residence.

Mombasa county governor Ali Hassan Joho has been darling to many residence in Mombasa county and even coast residence at large. For a long time he has been trusted to make many political decisions in the region.

It is therefore believed to be the one who made his Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga accepted in coast region. Raila has been enjoying coast region support courtesy of Governor Joho.

Mombasa and coast region residence seems not to be trusting governor Ali Hassan Joho anymore like before. Many believe that the current Hassan Joho is not the same Joho they knew.

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This is believed to have started after 2017 general election. And it all started from Mombasa port operation issue where the government decided to transfer some of the port operations to Nairobi and later some to Naivasha dry Port.

With the new Standard Gauge Railway, S.G.R, the government decided to transport some cargo to Nairobi for clearance and other port services.

Coast and Mombasa residence who were worried about the Job opportunities that the residence were going to lost, did not agree with the government decision.

Most of the residence lead by Muslims for Human Rights, (MUHURI) demonstrated without the support from the governor.

And this where when things started falling apart between governor Ali Hassan Joho and the Mombasa and coast residence. Many claimed that Joho was among the beneficiaries from the transfer of port operations.

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By then many residence did not speak up. And now came corona virus that seems to have given them an opportunity to say it all. It started with the food donations where many people missed saying that governor Joho lied to Kenyans on TV that he is ready to sort Mombasa residence.

Then now came the mass testing where few people turn up for the test especially in the OLD TOWN. Something that angered the governor who said that those who refused to be tested will be forced.

This gave the residence including Nyali Member of Parliament Mohammed Ali,alias Jicho Pevu, another opportunity to express all they have against the governor.

Many claims that governor Joho has been taking Mombasa residence as his kids, that he can lecture them anytime he wants and can make decisions for them.

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So what is being witnessed now in Mombasa is that many are turning against governor Joho, who had leaked information that he might run for presidency comes 2022.

The lack of trust from from people in coast region might therefore affect his presidential ambitions. Any way political future can never be predicted. Anything can happen.








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