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What Kenyans Conclude From Tecra and Omar Relationship.



What Kenyans Conclude From Tecra and Omar Relationship.

While a section of Kenyans are sending condolences messages to the Family of Tabitha Karanja, some are busy discussing and making conclusion following the relationship between Tecra Muigai Karanja and Omar Ali.

It is until Tecra Muigai Kanraja’s death, that many Kenyans realized that Tecra had a 54 years old boyfriend, who is reported to be a resident of Lamu county.

As Kenyans will always be Kenyans, they never miss to weigh on the alleged relationship between the two, Tecra and Omar Ali on social media.

Kenyans Conclusions.

Below are some of the conclusions from Kenyans, that we manage to pick both on Facebook and Twitter.

Wycliff Muthomi Muchena on twitter concluded that, when it comes to relationship, money is ab added advantage to secure the future, but the comfort should come with the love.

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Protege from Nairobi noted that, There is no love that is not possible. Love was never meant to be safe or measured and therefore love is irrationally.

Vibrant Victor also on twitter said that sometimes all we want is love, no matter the family background or status. Remember Tecra was from a rich family, but she decided to live a simple girl’s life.

According to George Kopana, age does not matter in relationships, noting that even the first president of Kenya, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta at 67 years married Mama Ngina Kenyatta at the age of 15, but still they gave us president.

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Lenny Croozy concluded that, love is blind and has no boundaries. And therefore one can fall in love with anybody from any country.

Allan Chesire said that love matters is a personal decision, and as long as you are happy with yourself, other people’s opinions does not matter.

So those a some of the conclusions from some Kenyans we picked online under the hash tag #Tecramuigai.

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Away from the conclusions, it has been reported that Tecra’s boyfriend, Omar Ali is currently being held by the police in Lamu for further investigations.

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