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Mombasa Old Town Residence Relocate 2 Hours To Lock Down.



Mombasa Old Town Residence Relocate 2 Hours To LockDown.

Immediately after the government through the Ministry of Health announced that they are locking down the areas of Old Town in Mombasa and Eastleigh in Nairobi, many Old Town residence started relocating to other villages within the county.

It is reported that areas of Kisauni, Majengo and Likoni were recording high numbers of relatives and friends, who are believed to have relocated from Old Town before the 7 PM official lock down time as announced by the Health CS Mutahi Kagwe.

What was witnessed today is what is said to have been going on. It has been reported that a section of Old Town residence, started relocating to other areas after their governor, Ali Hassan Joho stated that all Old Town Residence who did not turn up to be tested will be tested by force.

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According to a video clip that we saw on citizen TV, some Old Town residence were complaining that they were given a short period of time, 3 hours to prepare in terms of food and other basic needs. And therefore the only option for them was to relocate.

The government decided to lock down the two areas, Old town Mombasa and Eastleigh Nairobi, after they recorded high number of corona positive cases.

For government to be able to successfully lock down Mombasa Old Town, many security officers will have to be deploy to the ares. This is because old town is a unique area. Some parts of this area is within the Mombasa Central Business District, CBD.

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According to our understanding, Mombasa Old Town starts from Coast General Hospital road all the way to Bondeni, Marikiti, Digo road and before Huduma center, you branch left towards central station, down to Fort Jesus.

Mombasa county commissioner, Gilbert Kitiyo assured the Old Town residence that every basic need like those selling water to old town residence will be allowed to access the area.

He also informed them that this lock down is not a punishment but it is a way of stopping the spread of Corona virus. He added that anybody who needs to access hospital will be allowed to leave old town.

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