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The Truth About Alleged Secret Meeting Between Raila Odinga and Oscar Sudi.



The Truth About Alleged Secret Meeting Between Raila and Sudi.

On 6th of May, it was reported that Orange Democratic Movement part leader Raila Odinga had a meeting with Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi, at Pumpkin restaurant in Kilimani Nairobi.

Nairobi famous blogger, Robert Alai was the first one to report this meeting and later on Oscar Sudi through his Facebook page, confirmed that it is true they meet with Raila for lunch in a popular restaurant in the city.

Oscar Sudi did not disclose more details of their discussion. He only stated that they had lunch together with Raila, and because Raila is like his father, he asked him about the progress of late Fidel Odinga’s children and family at large. He added that they were close buddies with Raila’s son, Fidel.

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According to Robert Alai, Raila and Sudi had a political discussion, where Raila told Sudi, he can’t trust Uhuru to cross with him the river safely. However Oscar Sudi had stated that meeting Raila does not necessarily mean they only discuss politics.

On the other hand, Abraham Mutai claims that there was no meeting between Oscar Sudi and Raila Odinga. Mutai added that if there should be a meeting to discuss anything between Raila Odinga ans William Ruto, it will be between Raila’s surrogates and William Ruto’s allies. And not between Raila and Ruto’s Allies.

Abraham Mutai said that he had to call and spoke directly to Silas Chepkeres Jakakimba, the personal aide and assistant to Raila. According to Abraham, Silas confirmed that indeed there was no meeting between Raila Odinga and Oscar Sudi.

There is also a tweet going around on social media purportedly from Raila Oding The tweet reads, “I met Oscar Sudi but we never discussed anything related to politics, he is our family friend.”

We have checked on Raila Odinga’s official Twitter account, and we found out that he has not twitted anything related to his alleged meeting with Oscar Sudi.

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Robert Alai believe that the meeting between Raila and Oscar Sudi happened and hours later, Orange Democratic Movement legislators wanted president Uhuru Kenyatta to resign.

Junet Mohammed was seen in parliament claiming that Jubilee government has shown that they can not handle corona virus, and therefore should resign. Junet believe that the government misused funds meant to fight corona virus.

Since the political future of Kenya is difficult to predict, a section of Kenyans believe that there is a possibility of Raila Odinga and deputy president William Ruto working together to lead this country after the end of Uhuru’s 10 years.

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However some, Kenyans think that, there is a plan between Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta to rearrange themselves in the top leadership positions suggested in Building Bridges Initiative proposals.








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