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Another Voi Police Officer From Heaven.



Another Voi Police Officer From Heaven.

A police officer by the name Ochieng has amazed many Kenyans across the country after it was reported that he helped one old grandmother, to get food in Voi during food donations.

It reported that the number of people who were in that particular place struggling to get food were many. And therefore considering the age of the grandmother, she could not manage struggle with other people, and she opted to stand far way, just watching helplessly and wishing to get the food too.

This is the time that the police officer, Ochieng saw her. And without approaching her, he understood her that she deserve to get a share. He went straight to pick food stuff packed in a bag, and took to her.

It did not end there, Officer Ochieng decided to escort the grandmother out of that area, following the fact that the area was a bit crowded and the food stuff was heavy for her.

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Residence of Voi who know this particular officers stated that, this was not the first time Ochieng was seen helping someone, they say he is not biased especially during food donations.

Many Kenyans on behalf of the grandmother, thank Officer Ochieng for his humanity. They say what Oching did is exactly what is called ‘police service’.

At least Kenyans are happy to receive good news concerning police officers, unlike the usual complains about some police officers mistreating Kenyans. Especially during this corona season, a lot of negative news concerning some police officers have been reported.

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Ochieng is the third police officer to be praised for doing good to the public. Amina Ramadhan was also trending some few months ago for helping a mother with her child, who were stranded in Nairobi during curfew hours.

Again, Baringo central sub county administration police commander, Mr Ibrahim Abachila was seen in a video clip helping travelers who did not manage to beat curfew hour, to sanitize.

Abraham did not beat them the way other police officers were doing. Instead, he asked the drivers and passengers to plan well their journey next time to beat curfew hours.

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