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Kilifi Residence Seek Help From DP Ruto After Raila Ignore Them.



Kilifi Residence Seek Help From DP Ruto After Raila Ignore Them.

A section of Kilifi county residence have requested deputy president William Ruto to come in and assist them during this hard corona virus season.

According to Kilifi residence, Orange Democratic Movement party leader, Raila Odinga seems to have neglected them. This complain came out after Raila Odinga donated food stuffs to Mombasa county on 7th May 2020.

Raila Odinga is reported to have donated over 20 tons of food stuffs to the Mombasa County Emergency Household and Nutrition Support Project. This donation was delivered by Mombasa politician and a Businessman, Suleiman Shahbal.

Coast region especially Mombasa county and Kilifi county have been tirelessly supporting Raila Odinga, especially in the last two elections of 2013 and 2017.

Therefore Kilifi residence claims that it was not fair for Raila Odinga to give first priority to Mombasa residence yet they have all been there for him in every election.

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They think may be Orange Democratic Movement party leader, does not value them anymore. And if that is true, then the only option for them is seek assistance from deputy president William Ruto.

Deputy president William Ruto has been working hard to withdraw Raila’s support from coast residence towards him. This therefore might be the best opportunity for him, if he will listen to the request from some of the Kilifi residence.

With that being said, deputy president William Ruto managed to pull out Malindi Member of Parliament, Aisha Jumwa from Raila’s camp.

Before 2017 general elections, Aisha Jumwa together with Likoni MP Mishi Mbogo were considered iron ODM ladies in cost region. Raila use to depend on them.

Aisha Jumwa and Mohammed Ali have been working hard to convince coast residence towards deputy president William Ruto. But it seems thing will be a bit difficult for them, now that Suleiman Shahbal seems to be planning something with Raila.

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Remember Raila send his donations through him. And some few weeks ago, Raila was in Mombasa and it was reported to have discussed a lot with Suleiman Shahbal.

According some political analysts, Raila might be preparing Suleiman Shahbal for Mombasa governor 2022 after the end governor Ali Hassan Joho’s two terms.








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