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How Babu Owino Mislead Learners During Chemistry Lesson.

How Babu Owino Mislead Learners During Chemistry Lesson.



How Babu Owino Mislead Learners During Chemistry Lesson.

A section of registered teachers under Teachers Service Commission, TSC, who followed Embakasi Member of Parliament Babu Owino chemistry lesson have commented that, what he did was not teaching, but misleading learners.

According to some comments we saw, some teachers said that rushing skipping some segments in the lesson, and therefore leaving learners more confused.

They added that either Hon. Babu Owino did not prepare well for the lesson or he is not smart with the chemistry subject.

According to Mulei Mark, the Babu Owino’s chemistry lesson had many mistakes. He claim that Babu Owino might have crammed the few areas he tried.

The table show some minor errors from the chemistry lesson. The said mistakes were pointed out by a chemistry teacher called Robert Krop.

This comes just a day after Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang discourage those Kenyans offering online revision lesson. He said teaching students without being a qualified teacher is illegal.

The PS added that any material delivered to the students in Kenya must be approved by the Ministry to avoid misleading leaders. He said every subject has it’s own direction that should be followed as per the ministry. Hence doing it from a different direction is misleading the students.

Babu Owino decided to go against PS Bellio Kipsang, saying that the Education PS is basking in the glory of his ignorance by banning online revision classes.

This was not the first that Embakasi Member of Parliament Hon. Babu Owino went live for revision lesson. Last week, he was live on his Facebook account for Mathematics revision.

Mathematics teachers had admitted that the MP did the lesson well. But the comments from Chemistry teachers after Babu Owino’s live Chemistry lesson was different.

Davis Mworia said that Babu Owino did mathematics revision well because math is an art subject and anybody can do it, but Chemistry and Physics are sciences, and that without experience one can easily mislead the learners.

Teachers call upon the ministry of education to stop Babu Owino’s online lessons immediately to avoid confusing students more. He is asked to stick to politics.

Many Kenyans who followed the two lessons from Hon. Babu Owino have praised him, saying that he must be very genius. This is following the fact that Mathematics and Chemistry is still fresh.

Babu Owino’s Chemistry lesson attracted more than 8,000 people who were following him live, both on Facebook and Youtube.

Babu Owino has not yet announced the next lesson. what we understand is that the MP will be live for revision classes once a week.








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