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Propesa Exposes Emmy Kosgei. ‘She Has a Child With Kalenjin Man’



Propesa Exposes Emmy Kosgei. 'She Has a Child With Kalenjin Man'

Famous Kalenjin comedian, Propesa has also come out to respond to the statement that was made by Kalenjin gospel musician Emmy Kosgei about Kalenjin men.

Emmy Kosgei has been trending after responding to a question that has been asked for a long time by many Kalenjin men. Emmy was asked why she choose to get married to a Nigerian man, leaving many Kalenjin men, who were more than willing to marry her.

According to Emmy Kosgei, most of the Kalenjin men are are shy to approach a woman. She claims that she could not get married to a Kalenjin man, since non of them ever approach her for marriage.

She added that Kalenjin men are not romantic, saying that instead of going straight to the point, they will beat around the bush with funny greetings. Emmy say they are too shy to tell a girl, ‘ I want to marry you’.

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This is a statement that seems to have angered many Kalenjin men, including Propesa, the commedian.

In a video that we saw on Facebook, Propesa is seen saying that what Emmy Kosgei said was not true, but it was just an excuse.

Propesa wondered how Emmy Kosgei can talk negative about Kalenjin Men, yet she has a kid with a kalenjin man.

He alleged that Emmy Kosgei had a child with Kalenjin man either from Tugen or Marakwet, Kalenjin sub-tribes since 2015. And that might be the reason why Emmy is not interested with kids anymore with the Nigerian Man, since she knows already she has one.

According to Propesa, he knows well the family of Emmy Kosgei. He even say that one day, some Kalenjin elders went to the family for dowry negotiations but they were turn down.

Propesa further alleged that, the said child is living with Emmy Kosgei’s parents. And the current Emmy’s Nigerian husband, married her without knowing that Emmy had a kid.

The famous comedian also claims that Emmy Kosgei does not truly love the Nigerian Man, but she is just after wealth.

Propesa while in the discussion with other two more guys, was seen speaking with a lot of anger from the Emmy’s statement. He said that she has no right to attack kalenjin men.

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