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Kenyans Now Demand Madagascar Covid-19 Cure.



Kenyans Now Demand Madagascar Covid-19 Cure.

A number of Kenyans have asked the government to arrange to get the alleged Madagascar corona virus cure. Most of this Kenyans believe that this Madagascar might work and it is high time they should be brought to Kenya for a try.

Kenyans made this request to the government after it was reported that, so far Madagascar has recorded a 193 cases of corona virus in the country, and out of the 193, 101 people are reported to have fully recovered from the disease.

Many Kenyans now believes that Madagascar is not using any other magic, apart from the ‘Madagascar corona virus cure’. They say this alleged cure should not be ignored since the disease current, does not have official medication.

This demand comes some few days after Tanzanian president , John Pombe Magufuli made a decision to send a plane to pick the ‘corona virus cure’ from Madagascar.

On 8th of May 2020, it was reported that, the first shipment of the alleged plant based corona cure had arrived in Tanzania.

President Magufuli made the decision after he claimed that the testing kit donated to the country from China, were faulty. This is after the Chinese test kits, show corona positive for non human samples.

Some countries across the world are trying the Madagascar proclaimed corona virus cure despite warning from the World Health Organisation, WHO, that the alleged cure in not proven to be the cure for the disease.

The ball now is the hands of the Kenyan government and the Ministry of Health to decide whether to follow what Tanzania did or not.

So far Tanzania have not confirmed, if indeed the alleged Madagascar Corona virus cure worked for them or not.

It is also reported that the herbal concoction has worked before in curing Malaria. According to Madagascar, it is also for corona virus.

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The fact that Madagascar is reporting few cases of corona virus cases, has convince many African countries, and it is reported that most of this countries have put orders for the concoction.

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