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Owago’s Mature Reply To Robert Alai For Calling Him a Fool For Defending Churchill.



Owago's Mature Reply To Robert Alai For Calling Him a Fool For Defending Churchill.

Churchill show comedian Owago, has finally responded to famous Blogger, Robert Alai after he called him a fool.

Nairobi city blogger Robert Alai decided to call comedian Owago a fool, claiming that he is being used by comedian Jalango to defend Mwalimu Churchill Ndambuki.

Some few days ago, Mwalimu Churchill Ndambuki, the founder of Churchill comedy show, was criticized on social media after it was alleged that he had not paid his comedians for some months.

There was some screenshots trending on social media from Edgar Obare Instagram account. The screenshots were showing texts from alleged Churchill show comedian, who was complaining that Mwalimu Churchill Ndambuki has not paid them.

Nairobi blogger Robert Alai took the story to Twitter asking Kenyans On Twitter if there is anyone who can reach Churchill to remind him to pay the comedians who were complaining.

Robert Alai wrote “Anyone who talks to Daniel Ndambuki, aka Churchill, tell him to pay his comedians who have earned him money.”

Alai added that, ” NTV has fully has fully paid him but because he lives a careless debt with poor financial management, comedians who provide him with content have not been paid since November 2019.”

After that, Jalango in a video was seen asking comedian Owago to talk to people out there to understand the system of payment for Churchill comedians.

According to Jalango and Owago, Churchill does not pay his comedians on a monthly basis. What Churchill does is that after every show, he just give the comedians pocket money and platform to grow their brands.

Robert Alai went back again to Twitter where he wrote, ” Jalango decided to insult struggling comedians who provide Churchill with content, through that ‘fool’ called Owago”.

He went ahead to state that Churchill has no content for his show and he only depend on the comedians.

Robert Alai challenges Churchill to do one episode of his show alone without any comedian, to see if people will turn up for the show.

Comedian Owago decided to ‘maturely’ respond to Robert Alai saying, “Thanks a lot Robert Alai for calling someone’s son a fool. God will make me wise one day.”

So far Daniel Churchill Ndambuki has not directly responded to the claims of not paying his comedians. He just did it indirectly where he said that, “One day you will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free”

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