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VIDEO. Kisumu Residence Destroy DP Ruto Completely.



Kisumu Residence Destroy DP Ruto Completely.

Deputy President William Samoe Ruto is currently facing serious political attacks left and right from his critics, with the latest on coming from Kisumu county.

The name “HUSTLER” is the latest political weapon being used against deputy president William Ruto.

While speaking to NTV Kenya, one resident from Kisumu opposes DP William Ruto who has branded himself as a HUSTLER, saying others like president Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Amolo Odinga and Gideon Moi are dynasties.

He claimed that DP Ruto is cheating Kenyans that it is time for Kenyans, hustlers to vote for their fellow hustler yet he has never voted out side dynasties since 1992.

Deputy President William Ruto voted for Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi in 1992 and in 1997.

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In 2002, the deputy president went against Mwai Kibaki who was considered as an hustler then, and voted for Uhuru Kenyatta who is a dynasty.

During the 2007 election deputy president William Ruto again ignore hustlers like Mwalimu Dida and many other and decided to vote for Raila Odinga, who is also among the dynasties.

Both in 2013 and 2017 general elections, William Ruto supported and voted for Uhuru Kenyatta, again leaving out hustlers like Ekuru Aukot.

The man who spoke to NTV complain that, deputy president William Ruto can not come out all over sudden and tell Kenyans not to vote for Dynasties he has been voting for all a long.

He added that Kenyans have no option but to vote for dynasties, a pattern that deputy president William Ruto taught them.

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The NTV clip of the Man is currently trending on twitter with a number of Kenyans supporting him that he said nothing but the truth.

Now that Kenyans are starting to connect the dots following DP Ruto’s political journey, deputy president William Ruto might find himself in a squeezed political corner come 2022.

Here the NTV clip.








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