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Is ZUKU Internet Network Provider A Scam?



Is ZUKU Internet Network Provider A Scam?

There are a lot of network providers in Kenya, ZUKU being one of them. A number of people currently shifting from the use of bundles to access to use of WIFI connection, especially for home and offices.

ZUKU has been among the best home and office network providers in Kenya, but currently they seems to be losing clients because of poor customers service.

Most of the network providers services are payable monthly. This means that when you pay the agreed amount, it is the responsibility of a network provider company to ensure that you have access to the internet.

Remember when you pay for a months this simply means that, you have paid for every second within the month.

So if your network provider disconnect you even for an hour, with or without explanation, they must compensate you.

Currently, most of the ZUKU clients are complaining for poor services while others opting for other network providers.

Many of their customers have been complaining silently, until Boniface Mwangi decided to raise a complain on social media, after which comment section was flooded with hundreds of complains.

Zuku Mistakes Making Them Lose Customers.

1. Poor Customer Service.

From the comments section on Boniface Mwangi’s post, Many ZUKU clients are complaining of poor customer care services.

Their provided phone number for customers related issues, rarely go through, and if it goes through, they will have you on hold for more than 10 minutes, and the call is not free.

2. Unreliable Network.

One ZUKU client complain that for the time he has been using ZUKU to access internet and also for TV, at least 10 days out of 30 days, will have Zuku network disconnected.

So basically out of 30 days you paid for, you will only be connected well for 20 days, and they will never refund you the 10 days without internet connection.

Again there is a complain ZUKU internet is very slow, making it inconvenient.

3. Dishonest.

The worst mistake is being dishonest to your clients. Many ZUKU customers are also complaining about this issue.

When your subscription end and you did not renew on time since may be you see no value on it, Zuku will always look for your to convince you to renew it.

As per customers complains, what ZUKU does is that, when you fail to renew, they will call and asked you to renew with an offer.

For Example, if your are using 5 mbps, they will convince you to renew with the same amount of 5mbps, then they upgrade to 10mbps for free.

Many customers report that they will only upgrade for like 5 days, then you start experiencing the normal speed for the remaining days. This is way many people say ZUKU is being dishonest to it’s customers.

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