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Khalwale Reveal Uhuru’s Secret Presidential Succession Card.



Khalwale Reveal Uhuru's Secret Presidential Succession Card.

Former Kakamega county senator Bony Khalwale has reveal the target and the intentions of president Uhuru Kenyatta ahead of 2022 presidential succession..

According to Bony Khalwale, the emerging political coalition called Government of National Unity, is a calculated scheme by contradicting parties to have a ‘Kenyatta’ succeed president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Bony Khalwale further stated that, president Uhuru is giving fake promises to anybody who seems to be interested in the emerging coalition, just the way he gave fake promise to deputy president William Samoe Ruto.

He warned that in the event that the country can be subjected to a referendum to change the constitution to allow a powerful executive Prime Minister, then Uhuru Kenyatta will be made the Prime Minister.

Further more, in the event of a water down Prime Minister, then Muhoho Kenyatta who is Uhuru Kenyatta younger brother, Prime Minister as claimed by Bony Khalwale.

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He laughed off this secret plan by the president, saying that it is a dream that will never come into reality.

He further reveal that, with the prime minister, they will still need a president who will play ball.

This presidential position is offered to the parties willing to join the coalition, Government of National Unity, and an agreement will be made for one party to take.

Bony Khalwale insist that, Uhuru’s plan will not go through since the right person to succeed president Uhuru Kenyatta is deputy president William Ruto.

According to him, deputy president William Ruto has overwhelming support in Mount Kenya more than president Uhuru Kenyatta.

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Khalwale further claim that, the president has realized that most of the legislators are not in his camp. And the only option he has to bring them on board, is to threaten them over their positions in parliament.

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