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President Magufuli Hit Back Severely At President Uhuru.



President Magufuli Hit Back Severely At President Uhuru.

Just a day after Kenyan president, Uhuru Kenyatta announced that he is restricting movement between Kenya and Tanzania, Tanzanian president John Pombe Magufuli has expressed his dissatisfaction over President Uhuru Kenyatta’s decision.

While addressing the nation on corona virus on 16th of May 2020, President Uhuru Kenyatta directed that there will be restriction of movement of people, vehicles and even water vessels in and out of Kenya and neighboring country, Tanzania.

“There will be cessation of movements of persons, passenger ferry and other water vessels and vehicles into and out of territory of Kenya through the Tanzania International border, except for cargo vehicles effective from midnight of 16th May 2022”. President Uhuru Kenyatta.

This decision from president Uhuru Kenyatta did not sit well with President John Pombe Magufuki who thinks that president Uhuru Kenyatta is making wrong decisions.

Magufuli started by laughing off president Uhuru Kenyatta who introduced night curfew in Kenya as a way to stop the spread of Corona Virus.

While speaking in Shwahili, Magufuli stated that restricting movements only at night and people are allowed to move around during day time does not make any sense.

According to president Magufuli, Corona virus is not only active and can move at night, but it is active all the time. Hence no need to restrict movement only for some time.

He insisted that he will never locked down or restrict movement of 60 million of Tanzanians within their country.

He added that Tanzanians are free to do their businesses, go to the market, place that they have interest in.

It is also reported that after president Uhuru restrict movement between Kenya and Tanzania, Magufuli aslo announced that Kenyans are not welcomed into Tanzania.

Not even the cargo vehicles as announced by president Uhuru will be allowed to enter Tanzania. This is a decision that was seen as a revenge to president Uhuru’s decision.

President Magufuli since the out break of corona virus has been seen making controversial decision towards corona virus.








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