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Sakaja In Trouble With LSK President Over Kariobangi And Ruai Eviction.



Sakaja In Trouble With LSK President Over Kariobangi And Ruai Eviction.

Nairobi county senator Johnson Sakaja is in trouble with president of Law Society of Kenya president Nelson Havi over the eviction of Ruai and Kariobangi evictions.

The fact that Narobi county residence from Ruai and Kariobangi have been evicted and houses demolished under the watch of senator Johnson Sakaja did not seat well with the LSK president, Nelson Havi.

According to Nelson Havi, Johnson Sakaja is the elected leader and one of his responsibilities is to ensure that the interest of Nairobi residence is protected.

As claimed by the LSK president, Senator Johnson Sakaja is silent up to date yet Ruai and Kariobangi residence, are evicted at night during the curfew and the worst of all, at the time when corona virus id threatening lives.

“Senator Johnson Sakaja, the records indicates that you are the senator of Nairobi county. Your party, Jubilee is in charge of Executive and the Police. Why are your people in Ruai and Kariobangi being evicted at night, during the curfew hours and in the midst of corona virus” Nelson Havi addressed senator Johnson Sakaja on his twitter account.

The Ruai and Kariobangi has left many Kenyans wondering how the people responsible can do such a thing in the middle of a pandemic at night, when it is raining, without giving alternative settlement.

A section of Nairobi resident defend senator Johnson Sakaja saying that the orders to evict people in Ruai and Kariobangi are coming from above, and Sakaja can not do anything about it.

Some claims that Sakaja choose to be silent about it to avoid troubles with the government just like Sonko. This means that many leaders are currently after their own interest over panic of getting into trouble.

Many Kenyans are currently stranded. Others were displaced by floods while others evicted from their homes.

According to the government of Kenya, the residence of Ruai and Kariobangi have been living there illegally, and with or without corona virus, the time to evict time was ripe.

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