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Drama As Tanzania Arrest Two Kenyan Journalist.



Drama As Tanzania Arrest Two Kenyan Journalist.

Just one day after the president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta differ with Tanzanian president, John Pombe Magufuli over restriction of movement between the border within the two countries, a lot of drama has started unfolding.

The government of Tanzania on 18th of May 2020 announced that, Police in Tanzania arrested two Kenyans Journalist who crossed the border illegally to cover news.

According to the report from Arusha police commander, Jonathan Shanna, the two Kenyan journalist are Clinton Isimbu and Shadrack Kaleria, both working for Elimu TV, Kenyan Television Station.

They were arrested by Arusha police officers in Kisongo village in Namanga ,Tanzania while interviewing Tanzanians about corona virus.

Tanzanian government claimed that the two journalist entered the country through illegal routes and they are currently held at Immigration headquarters, waiting to be taken to court.

The government of Tanzania announced this after it was reported that Kenyan police officers arrested many more than 10 Bodaboda men at the border of Tanzania and Kenya.

According to the reports that we received, the Tanzania boda boda men were operating across the border, going against the president Uhuru’s order.

Considering president Magufuli’s speech while addressing Tanzanians on corona virus, he was  was not happy after president Uhuru announced restrictions of movements between the the border of Tanzania and Kenya.

In his speech, he said that the night curfew that is currently being enforced in Kenya, is not making any sense, claiming that corona does not only affect people at night.

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In an action that was seen as revenge to president Uhuru Kenyatta, president John Pombe Magufuli announced that he is closing Kenya, Tanzania border completely. Not even cargo vehicles as announced by president Uhuru Kenyatta.

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