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Museveni Take Tough Action After Realizing Ugandans Eat Much During Lockdown.



Museveni Take Tough Action After Realizing Ugandans Eat Much During Lockdown.

The president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni surprised Ugandans after he realized that, they are eating large portion of meals per day, from the food donations given to them by the government.

Yoweri Museveni decided to do a practical from State House, where he gave his kitchen staff a kilo of maize flour, the same as the ones being donated to Ugandans, to see how long exactly that one kilo can take one person.

After his kitchen staffs cooked the ugali from from the one kilo of flour, Museveni divided the meal into portions that he think can make someone survive before the next meal of the day, assuming it is lunch time.

President Museveni weigh one of the portion, which happens to be 250 grams. So according to Yoweri Museveni, one person is supposed to eat 250 grams of Ugali per meal.

This means that 250 grams for lunch and another 250 grams supper, before the next day. And therefore, one kilo of maize flour during lock down in Uganda, can take 2 days per person, and 2.6 kilograms can take an individual 10 days.

So Museveni decided that the government of Uganda will distribute relief food to Ugandans, following the above calculations, which will determine when the next donations will be released for the next round.

He warned the people of Uganda to utilize well what they are given, and to avoid eating much because the donations is meant for them to survive the lock down, but not to celebrate.

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This is an indication that, going forward with the out break of corona virus, things will be tough for the heads of states because they have to provide for it’s citizens.

Comparing Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania in terms of reported cases, Uganda is the last with few cases. Kenya as of 18th of May had 912 confirmed cases.

Tanzania stopped announcing their cases after president Magufuli claimed that testing kits that was donated by Chinese were fake, hence the results might be false.

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He opted for the proclaimed Madagascar corona virus cure. Magufuli announced that his child who was positive for the disease had fully recover after using home concoction. He did not specify whether the child used Madagascar cure.


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