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Mzee Kibor Demand DNA For His 6 Children Before Allocating Them Land.



Mzee Kibor Demand DNA For His 6 Children Before Allocating Them Land.

Tycoon Mzee Jackson Kibor is trending again after saying that he wants all his six children subjected to DNA before allocating each of them a piece of his land.

Mzee Jackson Kibor demanded this be done after winning a court case between him and his children, involving his more than 2,000 acres of his land.

According to Mzee Kibor, he is not sure whether all the six children are his biological children, claiming that he did not officially marry their mother. And he wants only his real children benefit from his land share.

The court allowed him to proceed and therefore DNA results is the certificate for each child to get his land share.

DNA aside, he also complain that his life is in danger, since the children might be after him. He said he never trust them with his life.

He asked the government for protection, The controversial tycoon requested the government to return his firearm which taken away from him.

The government had no option but to take Mzee Kibor’s licensed firearm, after was captured on a clip pointing the gun to one of his children, when they had disagree about the same land.

He has never liked the six children, where he accused them of mismanaged his properties, that he acquired through his handwork.

According to him, his children planned behind his back and manage to sell off his two properties. One in Karen  Nairobi, and the other one in Nyali Mombasa.

He further complain that his children were also after the more than 10 acres land that he had given to the government to build police station

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This is one of the reason he is requesting back his firearm, saying his children were not happy about that government land. Therefore he need it to protect himself and his younger wife.


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