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Diana Marua’s Advice To Jalango’s Wife Backfired.



Diana Marua's Advice To Jalango's Wife Backfired.

Diana Marua, the wife of the famous gospel singer Bahati, while trying to give a piece of advice to the wife of the famous comedian and radio presenter, Felix Odiwuor, alias Jalango, find herself at the receiving end.

Marua decided to to advice Jalango’s wife, after her husband was exposed by youtube Vlogger, Edgar Obare through Instagram stories.

Vlogger Edgar Obare on Instagram stories shared a lot of screenshots allegedly taken from a Whats-app group, THE BOYS CLUB.

According to the screenshot shared by Edgar Obare, the group has about 8 members, comedian Jalango being one of them.

From the messages on the alleged screenshots from the group, the main agenda of the group is women discussions, where they rank themselves as in who has more and who is the best in that game.

Diana Marua who also claimed to have seen the screenshots, decided to advice Jalango’s wife on what she can do next.

According to Diana Marua, the best way to deal with such men, is just to end the relationship with them.

Through her twitter account, Diana Marua stated that if Jalango’s wife knows the story already and she is keeping quiet, then she is also not straight.

Diana’s advice to Jalango’s wife did not sit well with her twitter followers, who opposed her saying that, forgiveness is the best advice to give to such a person since she was ready for better, for worse, when she was getting married.

Some commented on her tweet that is is not good to advice couple to break up, adding that marriage is not a marathon but a race.

Somebody else commented that, no one is perfect. Diana and Bahati are also not perfect because each of them has a history behind. Diana accept Bahati who had a kid already with another woman.

She was also warned to go slow especially on Twitter because soon, Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) will start trolling her soon.

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